The "A.I.: Artificial Intelligence" Fanfiction Online Anthology

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The Greatest "A.I." Fanfic
David: Special and Unique
Teddy: A Child's Companion
Monica: A Mother's Love
Henry Swinton: A Man of Good Intent
Martin Swinton: Sibling Rival
The Swinton Family
Gigolo Joe: Love Machine...
Gigolo Jane: "How's the Game"
Dr. Hobby: "The Visionary"
A Love of Your Own: David's Siblings
Many Faces, Many Visions
Evan Chan and Company
Where The Lions Weep
"A.I." Crossovers: Entwined in Other Realms
A Mecha-Child's Garden of Verses
Comedy Night at the Shangri-La Hotel
A-F.I: Arti-Filk-tial Intelligence
A.I.: Artificial InterActive
Mecha Elders: Aldiss, Kubrick & Spielberg
Fictions of the Future
Links and Connections
Updates and Upgrades

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David: "Whewe is she? Whewe's Bwoo Faiwee?"

Gigolo Joe: "Dangit, not here either. C'mon, kid, we'll try another joint, find yer Blue Fairy there."

 (Chris "Fangorn" Baker's conceptual of Joe [Yes, that IS him on the left!] and David [About half the size and age of Haley Joel], courtesy of Gives you an idea of what could have been)


Joe: "Here, if I've told you this once, I've told you a dozen times: PLEASE stop tugging on my long, shiny jacket! Hands off the jacket, David!"

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