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Welcome to
The "A.I.: Artificial Intelligence" Fanfiction Online Anthology
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Greetings and Welcome, fellow Mecha-hugger!

To create an "A.I." fanfiction anthology has been the dream of fans since the debut of the film. Not merely at the beginning of the modern sci-fi movie age, when our forebears astonished the world with the first movies featuring thinking machines: primitive computer monsters that could play chess.

How far we and the movie producers, directors, and script writers have come. The "A.I" fanfiction realm is a reality of fascinating stories, articulated in images, articulate in speech, and not lacking in human response from the fans...

I'm R.C.H. Mulhare, better known on the Web as Matrix Refugee. I am an avid (perhaps a little too avid) author of fanfictions and a HUGE fan of the late Stanley Kubrick and the great Steven Spielberg's science fiction movie masterpiece "A.I.: Artificial Intelligence". Since I discovered this too-often misunderstood film, I happily met up with the modest but reliable fan following here online -- for whom I lovingly coined the term Mecha-Huggers -- and found a growing body of fanfictions relating to this film (Yes, I had something to do with its growth!). As time went by, I thought it desirable and even necessary to devise and compile and categorize an online anthology of all the available fics for your easy perusal.

I've sorted all the links by characters: my criterion is if a character appears prominently in at least three different fictions, that character gets their own page on this site [EXCEPT Lord Johnson-Johnson: he doesn't deserve one, so no matter how many fics there are which feature that Mecha-masher, he'll always be ostracized to the Miscellaneous Characters page! ;8^)]. On each character page, I have then sorted the fics by chronology, that is, when they take place in relation to the film (e.g.: "pre-A.I.", "A.I.: Act I", "Post Act I", etc.), with parody/straight humor fics at the bottom.

Of course we are open to all new A.I. fictions (see the contact info at the bottom of this page), especially relating to characters/concepts that usually don't get much fanfic treatment.

Your webmistress and fellow Mecha-hugger,
R.C.H. Mulhare, otherwise known as "Matrix Refugee" or "Ref"












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!!!News Flash!!!

8.24.2006 -- Added a lovely new picture link for Danielle Swinton's "Twisted Roots", on the Swinton Family's page.

8.11.2006 -- Archived a brand new fic, "All Roads Lead to Rouge" by James G. Koch, a gripping account of the ordeal of one of David's Siblings.

6.25.2006 -- Added links to two new fics: one by James G. Koch, featuring one of Teddy's brothers, the other a very promising new look at two star-crossed lovers in the world Where the Lions Weep, by the talented "Pazu"

And over on the Links and Connections page, we have a brand new link to a new mini-archive of "A.I." fanfic snippets, brought to us by Pazu.

4.18.2006 -- Happy Easter and greetings at Passover! Added a brand new fic, "A Love of Your Own", over on Henry Swinton's page

3.10.2006 -- Fixed a broken link over on "Arti-Filk-tial Intelligence". And watch for a new fic about the Swinton Family...

12.8.2005 -- Just added a brand new page, reserved for the greatest "A.I." fanfiction ever written, Bryan "Pazu" Harrison's "Artificial Intelligence: A Fan's Novelization" (in both text and audio formats) as well as a touching new fic, which serves as both a tribute to this great work of fan devotion, and to the film that inspired it...

Also removed a couple of broken links on the "Ref Reccommends" page.

12.4.2005 -- Hopefully my updates will be more frequent, now that I've bought a brand new computer and I won't have to rely on library computers to run site updates. Fixed the links on two of the fanlisting buttons on this page. And keep an eye out for a new page and an incredible new fic I'm adding to it.

10.25.2005 -- David has a new sibling over on their page: I added a link to Bryan "Pazu" Harrison's "Devin's Day Out".

Also, after the author removed the fics from, I've removed the links to all the fics by "Ermite"; this site will soon be their new home, hopefully sooner than you think: I've just bought a new computer, which I hope will make it easier for me to update this site more often.

10.04.2005 -- Over on the page Where the Lions Weep, added a link to the published version of Bryan "Pazu" Harrison's novella "The Porcelain Doll"

9.06.2005 -- Added a button for Daniella Swinton's new fanlisting for the Swinton family, and removed some buttons for closed fanlistings, here on the home page. Also added a link to a reputable charity collecting donations for the Hurricane Katrina survivors. Please be generous.

9.01.2005 -- This is actually an update from last week, but I was working from a ssslllooowww public library computer, and it wound up locking me out before I could log the updates here...

On August 26: Added a brand new David fic, by Patric Lepage and Danielle Swinton, which you'll find over on David's page.

As of Today: Added five links to five of my own new fics. One for David, one for Monica, one for Joe, and over on "Many Faces, Many Visions", one for Siyatu-Sama, the tech at Cybertronics, and one for Samantha Bevins.

6.23.2005 -- It's been quiet... but I ran across a "Matrix" crossover fic which I linked to the Crossovers page; it's incomplete, but it's still interesting.

And watch for a new fic to be archived here...

5.11.2005 -- Very quiet in the "A.I." fanfic world... Removed a broken link on the "Evan Chan" page.

4.13.2005 -- Added a new link on the page Where the Lions Weep, to a new fic by the talented Bryan "Pazu" Harrison, set in Rouge City... And I also added a page for the Swinton family, geared specifically for fics which deal with them as family unit, rather than focusing chiefly on one of the members of that family.

4.06.2005 -- Added a new link to David's page, a new and lovely epilogue to the film: "SuperToys Last All Winter, Too" by viicious

3.23.2005 -- "Ermite's" muti-chapter fic, "No Solution", over on the page "Where the Lions Weep" is now complete; he's also posted a new David fic "The Last Sarcophagus". And I'm pleased to announce the impending restoration of Brian "Pazu" Harrison's "The Porcelain Doll"; you'll find the link to its homepage at the end of the page where the Lions Weep...

3.9.2005 -- Added two new links, one to a new version of a fic -- Danielle Swinton's translation of Fabiola Yume's Gigolo Joe song-fic; the other to a new fic about one of David's siblings, by the great Pazu...

2.23.2005 -- I discovered two broken links: "Sapphire Rose" deleted her last two "A.I." fanfictions from, including one which had speculated on what might have happened in that "Trenton incident" Lord Johnson-Johnson refers to, in the film.

But hope is not lost: I've also just archived a brand new fic:"Scrap Night" by "Weaver", which gives another view on this incident... You can find it Where the Lions Weep.

I also ran across a brand new fanlisting, for Amanda, the little girl who spots Davd in the cage at the Flesh Fair, and added the button for it to the cluster of fanlisting buttons on this page, at the bottom of our welcome message...

2.16.2005 -- Added a link to Danielle Swinton's dark yet touching fic about the future of the Swinton family, "Twisted Roots", on the page "Where the Lions Weep", and added a music file to enhance this page.

2.9.2005 -- Just added a whole new page for Gigolo Jane, Joe's female counterpart: thanks to Joshua Falken, for sending me the first chapter of his fic which features her, "A Heart Reconfigured".

2.1.2005 -- Launched a fun new page: "A.I.: Artificial InterActive", a page with links to various interactive fanfictions, RPGs, and webtoys to play with. "Is it a Game?"

1.19.2005 -- I just added three more items to "Artificial NOT-so-Intelligence", linked to the "Comedy Night at the Shangri-La"... and a link to the world's shortest David fic. I'm adding it with the hope that the author will update it soon...

1.11.2005 -- Just added two new fics: a poem about David that I had thought was lost forever when the author took it off, and a new fic by "Chicken Person", "Town of the Junk Mechas", in which one of David's siblings finds her home.

1.4.2005 -- A new year and a new fic on the crossovers page: My own (and in my opinion highly successful) attempt at combining "The Place Where Dreams Are Born" with "the Dreaming" from Neil Gaiman's "Sandman" graphic novels.

11.23.2004 -- I discovered brand-new links to Henry Lake Spaulding's "Day" series of fic from Dr. Hobby's POV, and I've added them accordingly...

11.17.2004 -- Last week, I trawled through looking for fics I may have overlooked: the effort paid off. I've added a link to an almost-forgotten but extremely funny parody fic, "A.I.: Adams Influenced?" by "Darkhorn", which you can find over "Where the Lions Weep". Also, "Leks Bronks"'s "Dreams and Athanasia", on David's page, has a brand-new link.

10.26.2004 -- I've finished editing all the links, so now the site should be fully functional. I also added Chapter Twelve of Time Lady Quasar's "A Return to Darkness", over on the crossovers page

And I also just added a brand new page to the site: "A-F.I. : Arti-Filk-tial Intelligence", a page devoted to "A.I." filks, fan-created songs based on popular songs with the words changed around to pay tribute to (and at times play around with) a favorite film. Take a look down there in the navigation bar off to the left...

10.19.2004 -- To my dismay, I discovered that many of the links to fics on no longer work, due to that site's recent changes to the URLs. So, I've had to start fixing all those links... I've fixed the links on all the pages except on "Where the Lions Weep", the crosovers page, and "A Mecha Child's Garden of Verses". I'll have those finished next week.

10.12.2004 -- I've added the revised versions of Chapters 9 and 10 as well as a brand new chapter of Time Lady Quasar's "A Return to Darkness" on the crossovers page, plus I've revamped the "Links and Connections" page, dividing it into sections, and I added a picture link to, a forum for the worst fanfics out there, and I also added a link to the worst story ever written: Jim Theis's "The Eye of Argon": if you want an example of how *NOT* to write, check it out...