AI RP Trio Pics
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Hello, my name is "Matrix Refugee". I am a devoted fan of the movie "A.I.: Artificial Intelligence" and a player in the Yahoo role-playing game inspired by the film and created by several fans of the film.

I play three very different characters in this game: Cecie Martin, Frank Sweitz, and Hal McGeever. These pages contain "photographs" of them, pictures I collected off the Internet, which serve as a visual reference for them, or which just inspired certain aspects of the characters and their world. Any copyright infringement was purely unintentional. I'm a fan: I love you, don't sue me.

If you'd like to join the RP game, click on the poster image above on the left. If you'd like to visit my "A.I." fanfiction website, click on the "A.I." movie logo at the top of the page. Thanks!