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A.I.: Artificial InterActive

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The Greatest "A.I." Fanfic
David: Special and Unique
Teddy: A Child's Companion
Monica: A Mother's Love
Henry Swinton: A Man of Good Intent
Martin Swinton: Sibling Rival
The Swinton Family
Gigolo Joe: Love Machine...
Gigolo Jane: "How's the Game"
Dr. Hobby: "The Visionary"
A Love of Your Own: David's Siblings
Many Faces, Many Visions
Evan Chan and Company
Where The Lions Weep
"A.I." Crossovers: Entwined in Other Realms
A Mecha-Child's Garden of Verses
Comedy Night at the Shangri-La Hotel
A-F.I: Arti-Filk-tial Intelligence
A.I.: Artificial InterActive
Mecha Elders: Aldiss, Kubrick & Spielberg
Fictions of the Future
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Updates and Upgrades

From hither, thither and yon, a few links dealing with "A.I." interactive fanfictions, RPGs, and a few webtoys to play with...

From the DreamWorks "TalkBack" fan forum:
Alternative Ending suggestions
"Let's Play a Game:
They do this at Harry Potter's site


You're Teddy! The "Supertoy" given to
David by Monica, Teddy is always kind,
truthful, and immensely helpful. Teddy is
David's best friend and accompanies him on his
mission to find the Blue Fairy. Loyal,
friendly, and intelligent, Teddy is one
character you can be proud to be.

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