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David: Special and Unique

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A Child Like No Other...


Like the child he was built to look like and behave like, David wanted only to love and to be loved, unconditionally, the way he loved. The first of a new kind of Mecha, he was built to be the perfect child, never sick, never to grow up and leave his family, caught in a freeze-frame of time. Adopted by the Swintons, imprinted by Monica Swinton, he finds the world a bright and wondrous place at first. But when he discovered he was not like other boys, that Orga love is not like his, not so pure and single-minded, and fearing this made him less lovable, he set out to become real so that he might be loved. And the journey he takes to discover his true nature changes everyone around him, Orga and Mecha, including himself...

David's Legacy by Joshua Falken 

Alternate Universe - After David is rescued by Cybertronics, mysterious things begin to happen to the Swinton family and to Joe...
Rating: PG-13 (New chapter added!)

An Everlasting Love: David's Diaries by Danielle Swinton 

Combining lines from the film with original material, David tells his version of the story of his journey to become "a real boy." Rating: PG (Now Complete!)

Elements of Hope by "Matrix Refugee"
David and Joe's flight to Cybertronics, as seen through Joe's eyes Rating: G NEW!!

"Goodnight David" by Elelclya

A touching little vignette for the ending of the film  Rating: G

One Last Breath by Forever Duo's Girl/TaraSaturn

A short sketch of David's thoughts just as he climbs into bed next to Monica, and as he discovers the place "where dreams are born". Very sad, touching, and beautiful. 
Rating: PG

My Love Again by Danielle Swinton 

Alternate Universe: After Monica's death, will David find another Mommy? Rating: PG 

You're my Family by Danielle Swinton 

Alternate Universe: What would have happened if someone besides the Swintons had adopted David? A girl loses her brother, and she finds someone new to love. But this person is not like she expected...
Rating: PG

Where Dreams Are Born by Holly Maguire

Alternate Universe - What would have happened if David hadn't fallen into the water? What did Dr. Hobby mean when he said "the team" was anxious to meet him? And could Joe have continued the journey with David?
Rating: PG

 A Ghost of Love in the Machine by Joshua Falken

Two souls found each other in Cybertronics's computer system... one the mind of a mecha-child... the other the ghost of a dead roboticist...
Rating: PG-13 (IN PROGRESS)   NEW!!!

 My Birthday Gift by Danielle Swinton

Alternate Universe -- For her 20th birthday, Sabrina Valmont has a date with a highly unusual Lover-Mecha... Rated:  R (Light sexual content)  NEW!!!

Imprinting Conflict by Danielle Swinton

Alternative Universe -- After Monica dumped David in the woods, he starts a journey looking for her...but what would have happened if he found someone else instead? (COMPLETE!)
Rating: PG-13  NEW!!

"Supertoys While Mummy Drinks" by S|K

A highly unusual fic. Effectively combines elements of Ian Watson's screen treatment with the Brian Aldiss story it was based on. Rating: PG-13

 Dreams and Athanasia (AI Artificial Intelligence)  by Leks Bronks

Alternate Universe: a dark vision surrounding the "forest incident" Rating: R (violence) NEW LINK!!

"A.I.: Supertoy Blood"  by S|K

An alternate ending: Was David really human after all? Rating: PG-13

David's Girlfriend: A Very Special Summer by Danielle Swinton

Alternative universe -- Sibling rivalry comes back in earnest when Martin and David start liking the same girl  Rating: PG

David's Girlfriend Part Two - A Heavenly Summer by Patric Lepage with Danielle Swinton

Two years after David became a teen, an unexpected return of a friend makes him discover a new kind of love... What’s gonna happen? Rating: PG (IN PROGRESS) NEW!!

A Mecha's Midsummer Night's Vision by Holly Maguire

Alternate Universe -- After they escape the Flesh Fair, what if David and Joe really found the Blue Fairy, in the forest?  Rating: PG

A Wish Come True by Danielle Swinton

Alternate Universe -- Imagine what would happen if the Blue Fairy could make David's wish come true and a "real" boy grows to be a real man... Rating: PG-13

A Boy Named Scar Hens

By Chicken Person
*Alternate Universe* When David is recovered and sent to live with another family, he starts to discover mysterious things about himself... Rating: PG (COMPLETE!!) NEW!!!

After the sleep by hex kitten

An interesting epilogue to the film: Just what did David find in the place "where dreams are born"? Rating: G

"The Story" by Jax

 A fiction about David's story: a father tells his son about a boy who wasn't a boy... Rating: G

David's life reborn by "Chibi Child"
What happens after David shuts himself down and for then lives a new life Rating: G NEW!!! [Appears to be in progress...]

The Last Sarcophagus by Ermite

Following his one perefect day with his Mommy, David remains with the Specialists, who are to him a source of both frustration and wonder. Rating: G NEW!!

(Broken Link: Archived Version coming soon)

SuperToys Last All Winter, Too by viicious

The basis of A.I., with the elements of Super-Toys Last All Summer Long. It is after the events in A.I. David and Teddy seek life. Rating: PG NEW!!

 "~Sweeter Than Candy~"  by Ista of the Dreamers

A hysterical parody fiction about David's journey toward becoming fully human  Rating: G (IN PROGRESS)

"A.I.: Artificial Intelligence alternate ending" by Esmerelda Brandybuck

Another parody fic: What might have happened if David got his wish... Rating: PG-13 

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