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Teddy: A Child's Companion

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Built to be a child's companion, Teddy is a Supertoy who belonged to Monica Swinton's son Martin. But when she gives him to David, he finds himself having to guide David on a perilous journey neither of them could ever anticipate.

"Going Home"

by Tara Kingsmill *

A sketch of Teddy's life before he met David  Rating: G

"Bear 1, Orgas 0" by Tara Kingsmill *
Rating: PG (MIld violence) What happens when Teddy gets a lift to the Flesh Fair. Who knew what lurked in the stuffing of Supertoys? Rating: PG (Language, mild violence)

Teddy's Big Adventure by "Matrix Refugee"

Alternate Universe: Teddy is lost. What will David do?  Rating: G

 "Epilogue" by Henry Lake Spaulding

Teddy ponders the place "Where Dreams Are Born"  Rating: G

When Supertoys Become Real

by James G Koch
One of Teddy's brothers discovers what makes a Supertoy truly real...  Rating: G  NEW!!

*'s indicate fics exculsively found on "Clear and Haunting Visions"

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