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"A.I." Crossovers: Entwined in Other Realms
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The themes addressed in "A.I." are so universal, it is amazing how well it and its characters can fit in with other films and stories, even the seemingly least likely, which nevertheless address similar issues.

 Numb by Lolita the Diamond Dog 
"The Matrix" Smith takes the barely living body of an innocent, twelve year old girl and changes her humanity into what we know as A.I. Rating: PG-13 (INCOMPLETE) NEW!!

In a world of intelligent machines, ASH-1, a robotic Pokémon Trainer, is about to cross the gap between man and machine... in order to become more...

The Eyes Have It by "Matrix Refugee 

"Minority Report" After PreCrime is disbanded, Anderton calls on Agatha for help cracking a bizarre murder committed perhaps by a rogue Mecha. Rating: PG-13


SelfDefense Argument by Matrix Refugee

"Animatrix: Second Renaissence Part 1" Declan Martin, a district attorney, finds his opinion of machine intelligence changing when he handles the murder trial of the service droid B1-66-ER  Rating: R (COMPLETE!!)

Hey, Joe" OH NO!!!  by "Matrix Refugee"

"Bicentennial Man" Galatea the girl android discovers the man, er, Mecha of her dreams, and just how he reacts to it. Very crazy, You Have Been Warned! Rating: PG


Along a Knife's Blade by "Matrix Refugee"

"Blade Runner" Diane Fletcher, a Rogue Retrieval agent, tracks a mysterious man who may be more than he seems... and can tell her things about herself... (COMPLETE!!)

A Series of Insane Fanfics: Survivor: Haddonfield


By "Chicken Person"
The Orgas and the Mechas team off against each other to see who can brave the wilds of the woods outside Haddonfield -- VERY funny things happen: YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!!!  Rating: PG  NEW!!

By "Chicken Person"
"Scary Movie" -- David and company have some unwelcome company in their new house... COMPLETE!  NEW!!!

Harry Potter -- When David finds the Blue Fairy may not be able to help him, he finds another magical way to become real... (IN PROGRESS)
Ratimg: G  NEW!!

 The Place Where Dreams Are Born by "Matrix Refugee"

The Sandman - The Endless muse over a drowning world where man forgets to dream and where a child-robot dreams in their place... Rating: PG-13 NEW!!!

by Time Lady Quasar
Joe meets with a mysterious young lady who holds the secret to a strange ring that has suddenly appeared in, of all places, late 22nd century Haddonfield... Rating: PG-13

"A.I.": The Seventh Sense by "VitMir"

"The Sixth Sense" A very bizarre between the "A.I." script story and Haley Joel Osment's previous best film... Mixed in a blender set on high!   Rating: PG-13

 Day of Awakening by AJ Angelique

"Sailor Moon" crossover. The day that David fell to sleep was the day that Neo Queen Serenity woke up...
Rating:  G  NEW!!!

"Buffy the Vampire Slayer", featuring the character "Spike"
He often thinks, disappointed, 'this is the future?', but it's a thing you get used to, and even the mechas don't freak him out anymore, and he can almost look one in the eye. RATING: PG  NEW!!
The Real Men by A perfect little Devil
A crossover of A.I. and the cartoon series "Zeta project". An interesting fragement.... Rating: PG  NEW!!

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