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One of the untapped goldmines of inspiration, as well as a fascinating web of intrigue that puts a whole new slant on "A.I." the film is the Internet Mystery Game, "Who Killed Evan Chan?" which served as part of the publicity for the film. A highly convoluted narrative based on scraps of evidence afforded in part by a collection of websites from the "A.I." universe, it helped to fill in some of the 2,000 years which pass while David lay trapped beneath the waters at the end of the world...

Who Killed Evan Chan?

 This site, hosted the Internet Mystery/Alternate Reality Game which formed part of the publicity for the release of the film. Of course the game is now over, but this is still an interesting site, with a lot of simulated websites from the "A.I." universe, which just might spark your creativity should it run low in the middle of writing a fanfic.

Candy by MichiSpiritChan

Literary peppermints about various characters from the "A.I." Internet Mystery Game  Rating: G

(Link Broken; watch for new link)

A Ghost of Love in the Machine by Joshua Falken

Two souls found each other in Cybertronics's computer system... one the mind of a mecha-child... the other the ghost of a dead roboticist...
Rating: PG-13 (IN PROGRESS -- Features Dr. Jeanine Salla)   NEW!!!