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A Mecha-Child's Garden of Verses
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Lyrics from a Lyric Film
In some ways, "A.I." is a rare thing, a film-length sci-fi lyric, which brings out the poet in some fic writers, inspiring us to capture some of its essence in images and verse which match its exquisiteness...

My Mom bought a toy
I made her take it away
Now what do I do?
-- by "Laura"
Don't need a robot
 Don't want a pleasure model.
I just want Teddy!
--Review by "CrazyMofo" (NEW!)
Mechanical by R. Erin
An original song by a talented fan
Rating: G  NEW!!

" "A.I."'s New York " by "gtfirefly"

In the middle of a group of "sci-kus" (sci-fi-themed haikus) is a tribute to  "A.I." 's Man Hatten skyline...  NEW!!!

"Please" by "Mao"

David's thoughts on being abandoned in the forest. Rating: G NEW!!!

Found on the DreamWorks fansite "A.I." forum: a loving tribute to the film and to David  Rating: G
 Smooth Criminal by Tristan

An angstly but achingly beautiful poem about Joe. Title and last three lines borrowed from a Michael Jackson/Alien Ant Farm song  Rating: PG

I'm Dead Again by Rayne-Cloud

A poem from Monica's viewpoint, at the end of the film... Rating: G    NEW!!

 Just a face by Heather Young 

A moving poem about Mr. Willamson, the desk-clerk at the Shangri-La hotel
Rating: G  NEW!!!

Fairyland by Phantom Poet

 An exquisite expansion on the now-famous verse "Come Away, O Human Child"...  Rating: PG

"Metal Petals"  by shade22

A delicate, moving poem about David.  Rating: G

The Dancing Machine by Tristan

A beautiful poem in tribute to everyone's favorite silicon hottie.  Rating: PG

 Electric Eyes by Laurie E. Smith
A poem about Our Green-Eyed Silicon Hottie, every bit as exquisite as he is...I believe this was the first A.I. fiction I ever read even before I saw the film, and it got me even more curious.  Rating: PG-13

Unfading Roses
By "Matrix Refugee"

I - David

(Written on cream-colored paper in colored crayon)

Mommy's roses are red,
My eyes are blue,
They say sugar is sweet,
And Mommy is too!

II - Monica

(Written on artist's paper in felt-tip pen, red and pink)

Little child, little one,
You came into my life
Once so dark and cold.

Little child, little heart,
You gave me your heart
And helped me find mine.

Little child, little boy,
People say you're just a toy,
But they don't know the joy you bring.

Little child, little man,
You brought me life,
Though you live in a different way.

Little child, little David,
Happy 1st Valentine's Day!
III - Joe

(Written on unlined, parchment-like rose-colored letter paper with purple ink in what seems to be an old-fashioned fountain pen)

In the cold of this long winter,
Let my arms bring you warmth.
In the dark of your endless night,
Let my eyes bring you light.
When salt tears fall from your eyes,
Let my sweet kisses wash them away.
When no "real" man finds delight your beauty,
I shall see the beauty in you.
When no "real" man cares to comfort you,
Let me be your wellspring of solace.
Though some say I am not alive
Touch me and live again.
When no one wants you for their Valentine,
Let me be thine.

By Kokeshi088

I cry out,
Against program,
I'm chained inside,
Inside myself...

I cannot ask for freedom,
I cannot cry out,
I cannot do anything else,
I am barred,
Barred inside myself.

I am barred,
My body is forced,
I rise and do as they say.
I cannot do anything,
I cannot speak for myself,
And there is no way to break free.

I have changed,
From being quiet and free,
Forced to be happy and chained.

I am angry inside,
But I am happy outside,
I get along with them.

I battle against them.
(And myself.)

Is there no way to break this?
Is there no way to break program?
No, there isn't.

When I am freed from slavery,
I'll ask them,
Can they be programmed too?

Is it still fair?
I cannot see.

These aren't my eyes,
Those are the eyes of the program.

I cannot run,
I cannot scream,
I cannot feel the pain.

The program stands there,
The program is silent,
The pain has been cut
Away from me.

I wish I could cry,
I wish I could hurt them,
Pain has taught me anger,
Pain has taught me sadness,

Pain has taught me emotions.

I am angry,
I want to be free,
Free from program.

Free from them.

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