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Older Update items... See how we've grown over the past weeks!

07.26.2004 -- I've started archiving my fics onto here: so far, I have "Guaranteeed NOT to Happen" (on the "Many Faces..." page), "First Face" (on Martin Swinton's page), and the first three "Zenon Eyes" stories (on Joe's page). Plus, I just archived my new "Blade Runner" crossover "Along a Knife's Blade" to the crossovers page. 

07.20.2004 -- Just added the next four hysterical chapters of "Survivor: Haddonfield"

07.16.2004 -- I'm making it up to you all for the last update's long delay by updating twice in one week: "Chicken Person" just sent us a new fanfic about the Nanny-Mecha (which you'll find on "Many Faces, Many Visions") and I added a link to my own new crossover with "Harry Potter".

07.13.2004 -- Almost two months without an update, very, very naughty of me. But... there was a reason for this: My computer's operating system got DESTROYED by spyware/adware bugs invading from the Internet. Thus, I had to get the computer overhauled... then my 'Net connection went completely haywire. And now, even though I have that fixed, the Tripod Site Builder refuses to work properly on my computer... So, I have to rely on outside computers in order to work on this site.

But, the wait that we've been forced to undergo has been worth it: Four new fanfictions, including an original song (linked off "A Mecha Child's Garden of Verses"), a songfic about a wandering child Mecha, another new fic involving "Chicken Person's" child-Mecha Scar Hens, and also by "Chicken Person"... the "A.I." version of "Survivor", on the crossovers page. This is one of the funniest "A.I." fics I have seen anywhere!.

05.29.2004 -- Just added the second half of Chicken Person's "A Boy Named Scar Hens" and a link to another excellent fic by Pazu set in the future of the universe "Where the Lions Weep"...

05.22.2004 -- Another huge update: Just archived Chapter 10 of Time Lady Quasar's "LOTR" crossover, and the first four chapters of a new alternate universe fanfiction about David sent to us by a new author...

Plus, "Danielle Swinton" has created several new "A.I." fanlistings, devoted to Dr. Hobby, Monica, Henry and Martin Swinton. Click on the new buttons above and join!

05.13.2004 -- I know, it's been a very, very long time since my last update: This time I had technical difficulties. The adware/spyware remover/blocker software that I installed on my machine was reading the Site Editor as spyware/adware, so I had to disable the blocker function while I edit this site or else my machine would literally have choked every time I tried to make an update.

But... the wait is worth it...

I have just linked up, on the "Ref Reccomends" page a link to Bryan "Pazu" Harrison's brand new audio version of his classic fan novelization, now availible in two different audio formats: in MP3 for those of you with faster connections, and in streaming format on RealAudio for the folks who, like me, have a dial-up connection. This novel, amongst other things, helped inspire me to start writing "A.I." fanfics, and thus I'm really excited to see... make that *hear* it in a whole new way

04.19.2004 -- EXTRA! EXTRA! READ ALL ABOUT IT!!!!!

The AIFFOA has come to the attention of the Puppetmasters, the creators of the "Evan Chan" Internet Mystery Game. A new fic inspired by the characters in this alas long-since concluded publicity campaign to promote the film appeared on ff.n, and once I recieved the author's permission to link it, I thought it best to create page devoted to fics which stem from this side-plot, "Evan Chan and Company" (I have *got* to think of a better title for it!)

04.06.2004 -- Two brand new links to two brand new fics are now availible on the "Where the Lions Weep" page: a fic from the enigmatic "Ermite", and a new story from "Pazu7", the famous author of the "A.I." fan novelization.

03.26.2004 -- Added a link to a new Joe fic of my onw, "Cash on the Barrelhead", which caps off the series featuring Cecie Martin (My original character), and on the poetry page, I added a link to an "A.I." haiku which I recently discovered.

03.21.2004 -- I've been linking the AIFFOA to several different "A.I." related fanlistings: you can see the little button-thingys for them above, under the welcome message. Please join 'em!

Plus... I rescued another "lost" fic from the depths of the 'Net... The DreamWorks fansite message board has become increasingly unreliable, so I salvaged one fic from it... a crossover fic which someone with a hotfoot sense of humor posted even before the film premiered...

03.14.2004 -- The Overhaul is Finished!

I've archived another fic, this one a fragment about the techs who repair David, plus I found a brand new fic, a first of its kind, about Samantha Bevins and her dark life leading up to her tragic end.

Also, for our adult visitors, there is a hidden link somewhere on this site, leading to a hidden page... I can't say more, but if you're old enough to book a vacation to Rouge City with Joe for a companion, take a look around. If you're not yet old enough, please continue to explore the rest of this site as it develops

03.05.2004 -- It's been a while since I reported on the latest developments on this site, and there's reasons why: I've been much too busy to report on it!

I am completely overhauling the website, copying links, text, etc from the old site and moving it here onto the new site, creating new pages using text from the old... All this to make navigating the AIFFOA much easier to the new visitor.

But I did take a minute to archive two "lost" fanfics, one now linked from Monica's page, and the other linked from Joe's page.

02.11.2004 -- Finally knuckled down and added a new page, "Mecha Elders: Aldiss and Kubrick", which will take you to a couple pages utterly unique to the AIFFOA, and containing some source material on the film, for your inspiration.

02.10.2004 -- My goodness... In four days I've found five fics! A new AU David fic by Danielle Swinton, a classic Joe parody fic, a fan's completion of a classic Joe fic, and two crossover fics. WHOA! Start reading!!!!

02.06.2004 -- Wow! Two new fics showed up on ff.n: a new fic about one of David's siblings, written in a style very much like that of Brian Aldiss's "Supertoys" stories, and a very unusual fic about Monica, written by the talented Danielle Swinton, which brings the total of Monica fics linked on this site to three, which means Monica now has a page of her own!

01.24.2004 -- Happy New Year!!! And with a new year come new fics: two new links added: the first, an highly unusual David fic, by Danielle Swinton; the second to an interesting fic, told from Dr. Hobby's viewpoint, about what really happened to David in the end...

Also, keep an eye out for a special St. Valentine's Day page in a state of being built...

12.29.2003 -- Happy 31st birthday, Jude Law! (Gigolo Joe to us Mecha-huggers!)

"Joshua Falken" sent me a link to a brand-new and very unique crossover fic, which I've added to the crossover page.

12.21.2003 -- Added a link to a new fic starring Martin Swinton... and I added a few suprises to the Christmas page...

12.14.2003 -- Added links to a new "A.I." poem and what appears to be a fic about Patricia and Joe.

12.01.2003 -- Added a new page for stories set in the "A.I." universe: "Where the Lions Weep"

11.29.2003 -- Added a "Links and Connections" page, which is still somewhat under construction, but I have added one of the most lovely contributions sent our way, courtesy of "Danielle Swinton"!

11.11.2003 -- (Better late than never...) Added, on the New Fictions page, a link to a new fic set in the "A.I." universe, also "Mommy's Little Girl" by "black gargie" is complete!

Also added a poster design I created for Joshua Falken's "David's Legacy" and added a link to it in the "Ref Recommends" section.

10.20.2003 -- (Long time since my last update, I know!) Added Chapter Six of Time Lady Q.'s exquisite "LOTR" crossover. Also added a link to a brand new David fic by Joshua Falken.

10.05.2003 -- New link on the "New Fictions" page: The first ever fiction featuring "Darlene", David's female counterpart, penned by the talented and charming "Danielle Swinton".

Also added a link to a fan's tribute to the film, as found on the official DreamWorks fansite messageboard: a thread that recreates a lost scene from the film...

09.30.2003 -- Sapphire Rose sent me the long-awaited Chapter 7 of "There's No Place Like Home", which (after a fight with a stubborn computer) I successefully archived here. You'll find the link on Joe's page here...

09.20.2003 -- "CR Ermite" penned another devastatingly exquisite fic about a Mecha-Child, and so I was able to add anew page, devoted to David's siblings. Plus, added a new Alternate Universe David fic to his page and the next installment of Time Lady Quasar's LOTR crossover.

09.14.2003 -- No sooner had I finished updating the site yesterday, but I discovered a brand new "A.I." poem on ff.n, so excellently written I had to add it to "Ref Reccommends", as well as the poetry page.

09.13.2003 -- Long time since my last update: added Chapter 4 and a title to the LOTR crossover. Also added a new fic about David's siblings and their place in the "A.I." universe, to the "New Fictions" page.

08.31.2003 -- NEW CROSSOVERS PAGE ADDED!! Special thanks to Time Lady Quasar on the "A.I." Fanfiction Yahoo! Group for allowing us permission to archive her exquisite "Lord of the Rings" Crossover fic (Illustrations to be added to the archive soon, once I find the right pics).

08.27.2003 -- "Oh, Yes! Oh, God! Oh, God! Oh,YES!!!" Somone has posted a new Joe fic on ff.n, which brings the number of Joe fics up to three, enough to start a new page...

08.23.2003 -- If you're wondering why the update log looks shorter, it's because I relocated most of the items to a new page, "Updates and Upgrades." Keep watching: In a few days I may be archiving a new crossover fic, which will give the site enough links to allow me to start a Crossovers page...

08.16.2003 -- Added a new section to the front page: "Ref Reccomends..." which will spotlight fics I find particularly excellent or original.

08.10.2003 -- Bad News: discovered that one of the links on the original site is now sadly defunct, but I will placate the author to allow us to archive it here. Good News: Wow! Found two poems on the web, which allowed me to add a poetry page and post that today.

08.05.2003 -- WOO-HOO!! The fic count hit 100 when I added a link to my new "Animatrix" crossover fic "Self-Defense Argument" (Link and poster design in the "Branching Out: 'A.I.' Crossovers" section of the "New Fictions" page)

08.04.2003 -- Suspended link to the "A.I.:Artificial Intelligence" Webring fixed. (Please visit the other sites on the ring!)

08.03.2003 -- New section added to "New Fictions": "A.I." Crossover fics. Also, added a new page devoted to David fics (all this despite a thunderstorm circling my area!).

08.02.2003 -- Added a new section for poetry on the "New Fictions" page.

07.29.2003 -- AIFFOA Phase 2 goes live!!!

07.29.2003 -- Archived our first exclusive fic, Sapphire Rose's "There's No Place Like Home"

07.27.2003 -- Link to a new Monica fic added plus a classic based in the "A.I." universe, added link to original site. This new site is almost ready to debut...

07.26.2003 -- Construction begins on Phase 2 of the AIFFOA

07.24.2003 -- Decided to construct new site instead of tearing down old site

07.22.2003 -- "Executive Decision Day": After trying to edit the site from two other computers (my thought was the glitch might be in my machine), I contemplate removing the original AIFFOA and rebuild it from the ground up

07.19.2003 -- Discovered fragments of a "lost" fic on the DreamWorks "A.I." fansite messageboard, tried to add them to the original site, site editor malfunctions

7.09.2003 : Special thanks goes to "Danielle Swinton" for her new fic about Henry, which ennabled us to add a new character page for him. She is quite the "A.I." fanfic diva!
6.28.2003 : Added a new page devoted to fics involving child Mechas, "David's Siblings". Also shuffled the order of links on the navigation bar to the left.
6.24.2003 : At last! "Supertoys in Other Seasons" has been added to the Brian Aldiss page! The trilogy is complete!
6.22.2003 : One of the major stars in the galaxy of "A.I." fans, Daniel Chia, has allowed me to add a link to his "A.I." tribute site "Come Away O Human Child"; click on the new banner link here, at the bottom of the page or on the "Connections" page.
6.19.2003 : Added a link to what might be called a fanfic resource, the Cloudmakers site, which hosted the "Who Killed Evan Chan?" Internet Mystery game which formed part of the publicity for the film. Lots of interesting links to simulated websites from the "A.I." universe, which just might inspire you writers. Also repaired weblog link and added a completely new David fic to his page.
6.16.2003 : Just in time for the start of summer: Added "Supertoys When Winter Comes" to the Brian Aldiss page. I know this story and its companion, "Supertoys in Other Seasons" aren't officially canon, but after reading them, I saw a lot of similarities between them and Spielberg's take on the script.
6.15.2003 : New character page added! I was hoping someday someone would write another fic about Martin, so I could have the joy of adding a new page to this. Special thanks to "Silver on the Tree" for their fic, which has joined the other two on this site, on Martin's very own page (See, Martin, we haven't forgotten you).
6.12.2003 : Brian Aldiss page is now under construction. I have to begin the long task of trans-scribing the other two "Supertoys" stories, but within a week or two, all things considering, I hope to have this very important page complete and ready to inspire new fic writers.
6.06.2003 : Added something no "A.I." site should lack: a link to the official movie site. Click on the movie logo above!
Also added more to the Stanley Kubrick tribute page, a link to an article in "Wired" magazine which appeared right about the time Kubrick started work on the film.
6.04.2003 : NEW!!! Policy - From this point onwards, all links to NEW!!! stories will be in bold print and they will be flagged NEW!!! in order to set them apart from the fics already on the site. There's been quite a number of fics published recently, even without my additions. Glad to see this happening: people still love this film, critics or no critics. I swear "A.I." will be to the early 21st century what "Blade Runner" was to the 1980s.
5.31.2003 : Added a link to my weblog, on the "Connections" page. Also repaired a broken link on the Joe fics page: "There's No Place Like Home" by Sapphire Rose will eventually be our first exclusive fic!
Actually, it isn't exactly the Holy Grail, but it's close. For months now I had been going MAD trying to find the webpage that had Stanley Kubrick and Ian Watson's script treatment of "A.I.", a page which to my knowledge no longer exists. But I ran across a web archive service which helped me locate a "lost" page featuring a synopsis of that script treatment. Nice thing about the web and how it stores info: "There's nothing too small that you didn't store for us to remember."
And now, exclusive to the "AIFFOA", we present "Stanley Kubrick's Vision". To view this page, click on the conceptual sketch of David and Joe which appears on this page.
5.26.2003 : Added music to some of the pages. "Do you hear that music? Where is it...Oh.." 
5.25. 2003 : If you've been wondering why it's been a while since I wrote any new fics, it's because I got involved in what I affectionately call an "interactive fanfic", actually an "A.I." Role Playing Game via a wonderful Yahoo! Group. The group has now started an official website. You'll find a link to it on the "Connections" page. Take a look! Join us!

Please send any comments and/or submissions (Plain text documents -- filenames ending in ".txt" -- only, please!) to