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Where The Lions Weep

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Like any Sci-fi universe, the world of "A.I." is full of incredible possiblities. Here are but a few visions of what else might be going on in that world....

A parody fic: "A.I." redone in the style of Douglas Adams' "Hitch-hiker's Guide to the Universe" Consider yourself warned: This is very silly... Rating: PG-13 NEW!!!
Charlie by Clara-anne
What happens when an unsuspecting teen falls for a Mecha, in a time when nobody knows Mecha exists?
Rating: G (In Progress...) NEW!!
"Blood and Electricity" by Sapphire Rose

What exactly happened in "the Trenton Incident" Lord Johnson-Johnson mentions...?  Rating: PG-13

(Broken Link; will soon be archived)

"Scrap Night" by "Weaver"

A young outcast runs into bad trouble while out scavenging for parts Rating PG-13 (Violence) NEW!!

 "Sweet Home, Rouge City" by Delia Soul

A teenager's rant about his anything but Norman Rockwell-esque hometown.  Rating: PG-13

A suffering young woman discovers hope and healing in the least likely place: in Rouge City... Rating: PG.
"A Day In The Life" by Ruby Tuesday

Cal and Nicky are mecha bounty hunters; when a certain Professor stops by their office and hires them to find his missing child-mecha prototype -- for an amazing fee -- they think they've hit the jackpot. But things aren't going quite the way they'd planned... Rating: PG-13

The Nutcracker Ballet retold in the "A.I." universe: On Christmas eve, Dr. Hobby's niece recieves a very surprising little Mecha from her uncle
Rating: G 

Jerrica Plus 2.0 by Joshua Falken

When an AI expert suffers a tragic accident, the very technology she helped develop may be the only thing to save her... Rating: PG-13 (IN PROGRESS)  NEW!!!

"Shadowtown" by Warson Heyn

A series of strange assaults jars the underworld of Seattle, but who's doing the deeds?  Rating: PG

The Night Of The Rose by Pazu

Can two unique young Mechas find their place in the world? Rating: G  NEW!!

A Tale Of Flesh and Fiber by Pazu

"Of flesh and blood was he, fiber and wire was she, yet interfaced in the face of all that their bond decried. Was it really love, or just the illusion of such, which flared so brightly, and then died?" Rating: G (In Progress) NEW!!

 The True Story of the Love Mecha by Ermite

Imagine a world where "A.I.", the film, is more than just a sci-fi flick...  Rating: PG

No Solution by Ermite

"When things get crazy, the crazy get things."
Rating: PG (COMPLETE!) NEW!!

Broken Links: Archived Version Coming Soon

The Man In The Shadows by pazu7 

Two men seeking their lost childhood cross paths with a boy who is running away from his.
Rating: PG  NEW!!

"Schematic of Terror"  by Pazu7

A rash of mysterious killings occurs near Haddonfield. Who's responsible? Are they Orga?...Or Mecha?  Rating: R (Violence)

The Girl From Not Around Here by pazu7

Sean had other things on his mind whe he met her in a quiet restaurant overlooking Rouge City, but soon she was all he could think of. Rating: PG NEW!!

 It Must Be Saturday by pazu7

A woman's strange dream only becomes stranger when she awakens... Rating: G  NEW!!!


The music you hear is "The Mecha World", from John Williams's score for "A.I."

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