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Ref Recommends

Ref Recommends
The Greatest "A.I." Fanfic
David: Special and Unique
Teddy: A Child's Companion
Monica: A Mother's Love
Henry Swinton: A Man of Good Intent
Martin Swinton: Sibling Rival
The Swinton Family
Gigolo Joe: Love Machine...
Gigolo Jane: "How's the Game"
Dr. Hobby: "The Visionary"
A Love of Your Own: David's Siblings
Many Faces, Many Visions
Evan Chan and Company
Where The Lions Weep
"A.I." Crossovers: Entwined in Other Realms
A Mecha-Child's Garden of Verses
Comedy Night at the Shangri-La Hotel
A-F.I: Arti-Filk-tial Intelligence
A.I.: Artificial InterActive
Mecha Elders: Aldiss, Kubrick & Spielberg
Fictions of the Future
Links and Connections
Updates and Upgrades

I've found something to love in just about all the "A.I." fics I've read, but here are a few that really stand out from the rest of the crowd...
Tonight Only by CR Ermite
A fan's tribute and defense of the film, with testimonials from its creators... Rating: G
It's Only A Movie, Mon Amour by CR Ermite

What happens when a movie brings two people together?
Rating: PG

(Broken links: archived versions coming soon)


After David was rescued by Cybertronics, strange things began happen to the Swintons and Joe... things that could bring something new to exist... something that could change the world...
Rating: PG-13 (IN PROGRESS!!)

(Poster art by "Matrix Refugee")