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A Love of Your Own: David's Siblings

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A Love of Your Own: David's Siblings
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David thought he was special and unique, that he was one of a kind...But in truth he was the first of a kind...A new kind of Mecha in a world in need of love.
Dr. Hobby devised the creation of a child simulacrum Mecha to fill a very real human need in his world: the need for children, if only to fill the human need for innocence in a despondent world. But what was to be the fate of these Mecha-Childs?
(Special thanks goes to "Danielle Swinton" for the term "Mecha-Childs". Granted, it's a non-standard spelling for the plural, but it stands to reason: the plural for a computer mouse is not "mice" but "mouses".)

All Roads Lead to Rouge

By James G. Koch
Law enforcement officers discover the terrible ordeal of an abused Mecha-Child Rating PG-13  NEW!!

Mommy's Little Girl by black gargie 

"If he was built to love, it's reasonable to assume he also knows how to hate." A young family adopts a girl mecha-child...but there's something lurking behind her innocent face.... Rating: PG-13 (COMPLETE!!!!)

Newcomers in the Nursery by Matrix Refugee 

What happens to the other Davids? Do they ever find homes? How do people react to them? A simulated magazine article from the "A.I." universe. Rating: PG-13

(Revised Version Coming Soon!)

"Here Comes Another One" by Pazu7

A dark fiction set at Christmas/the December holidays, involving a tech who works among David's siblings.  Rating: PG

Where Ragged Mecha Go by "Ermite"

A mysterious Mecha gives a repairer of Mechas an offer he can't refuse.  Rating: PG

(Broken link: Archived version coming soon)

The Love A Child Has For Its Parents

By "Chicken Person"
A new Mecha-child named Scar Hens finds a home with a lonely young woman. Rating: PG 

"Town of the Junk Mechas" by "Chicken Person"

A stray child-Mecha discovers a home among the outcast of her world Rating: PG

Julia Zimmerman was ecstatic when Cyberchild Inc offered her a chance to participate in the test of a secret new device. But she was to find out that compatibilty cannot always be programmed. Rating: PG 

Devin's Day Out by pazu7

Mother had explained numerous times that 'special' boys have 'special' needs. But Devin didn't want to be special anymore. He just wanted to have fun, like all the other boys. Today, he would get his chance... and take his chances. Rating: PG

 Heirlooms by CR Ermite

The fate of a Mecha-Child passed down through several generations of an Orga family.  Rating: G

(Broken link: Archived version coming soon)

 Elizabeth by solusadvictimam

Another prototype child mecha is assigned for testing to a Cybertronics director and his bored and frustrated wife. (MR's note: Written in a style very much like that of Brian Aldiss, in the original "Supertoys" stories)  Rating: G 

This Redundent World by R. Erin

A songfic in which a difter encounters a very mysterious child. Rating:

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