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Monica: A Mother's Unrequited Love

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Spiralling deeper and deeper into a pit of depression over her son Martin's illness, Monica Swinton found a respite in welcoming a very special little Mecha into her life... but her own human weakness damaged the bond she had started to form with him...

Until Eternity

by Th' Lady Shadow
Monica's thoughts about David and her joy at having him in her life...  Rating: G NEW Link!!! (Repaired 5.16.2005)
"Monica" by Warson Hayn

Monica's experiences after abandoning David in the woods. Rating: PG-13 (angst), IN PROGRESS
Severence by Delia Soul

Monica's thoughts as she drives David towards their 'picnic'. Quiet yet dark.  Rating: PG-13

"The Forgiven" by pixie

Beautifully written piece about Monica's last moments after abandoning David. Rating: PG-13

Straight to the Heart by "Matrix Refugee"
Monica's thoughts on reading David's letters... Rating: PG NEW!!

A Love Dilemma: Monica's Diaries by Danielle Swinton

Monica tells her side of David's story, and what he really meant to her... Rating: PG

Unexpected Song by Eden La Mer 

A series of brief sketches of Monica Swinton, after the incident in the forest  Rating: G (New chapter added!!)

A New Conundrum by Pazu

Two women discuss the cost of the child replicas, the human cost. Rating: G

In The Dream by Pazu

A short look at the time between Monica's first death, and her last. Rating: G

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"For Always" by Laurie E. Smith

Imprisoned for two thousand years, David is never truly alone, as Monica and Joe wait for the chance to take him home. Rating: PG-13, IN PROGRESS

Conflicted Feelings by Danielle Swinton 

(Arguably Alternate Universe) What did Monica really feel after she left David? Did she ever find reconciliation? -Warning for philosophical content-
Rating: PG-13

Monica by "Macabeak"

(Alternate universe) As Monica lies dying, she calls David to her side... Rating: PG

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