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Many Faces, Many Visions

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David: Special and Unique
Teddy: A Child's Companion
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Henry Swinton: A Man of Good Intent
Martin Swinton: Sibling Rival
The Swinton Family
Gigolo Joe: Love Machine...
Gigolo Jane: "How's the Game"
Dr. Hobby: "The Visionary"
A Love of Your Own: David's Siblings
Many Faces, Many Visions
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Where The Lions Weep
"A.I." Crossovers: Entwined in Other Realms
A Mecha-Child's Garden of Verses
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The "A.I." universe is a very rich field for ideas, full of interestimg characters of many kinds, each with thier own story to tell. This is doubtlessly the tip of the iceberg...
When I started the original "AIFFOA", I chose to sort the fics by character and made it a policy that every character would get their own seperate page when I ran across at least three (3) fics dealing with them. For now, the links to new and newly discovered fics dealing with characters who do not yet have a page of their own will be posted here, sorted by character, until there are three in each category. Come back to this site often: I'm finding new fics or links I overlooked at least once a week, so I update accordingly...

Long Lost Scene from the film??
I discovered this while poking around on the official DreamWorks fansite message. It isn't quite fanfiction, but it's definately a fan's tribute to the film, inspired by what appears to be part of a cut scene, featured in one of the "Behind the Scenes segments on the DVD version of the film. I only wish it had made the final cut... it would also give us five more minutes of Joe, too!

Siyatu-Sama, the "Quality Control" tech at Cybertronics

Romantic Complications by "Matrix Refugee"
After Dr. Hobby's proposal, Siyatu-Sama considers the possiblities of that new design... Rating: PG-13 NEW!!

The Techs Who Repair David

"Untitled" by Mecha Heart

The thoughts of a tech who repairs a boy who is not a boy... Rating: G

I Only Have Eyes For You: Patricia's Story by Danielle Swinton

Patricia comtemplates her encounter with a Mecha named Gigolo Joe.  Rating: R (mild sexual content)

"Artificial Intelligence" by "Jackie"

I ran across this while trawling the 'Net for any "A.I." fics I may have overlooked. I wasn't sure which character it referred to, but I ran it by the folks at the "A.I." fanfic group on Yahoo! and "Danielle Swinton" seemed to think it was about Patricia and Joe. (My guess was Monica and David...) Rating: G  NEW!!!

Mr. Williamson, the Bellman

Good Thing I Know You, Mr Williamson by Matrix Refugee

Mr. Williamson, the desk clerk at the Shangri-La, has seen a lot of people come through, but none so lonely as a girl named Samantha Bevins. Rating: PG-13

Samantha Bevins

Samantha's Story by Heather Young

The events leading up to Samantha Bevins's murder, from her point of view. (COMPLETE!!!)
Rating: PG-13  NEW!!

Never Let Go by "Matrix Refugee"
Samantha's first night with Joe. Rating: PG-13 NEW!!


"You Killed Me First " by "Matrix Refugee

Herman Bevins isn't Mecha-phobic: he'd just like to know what manner of company his wife has been keeping. Rating: PG-13

 The Discarded Mechas

The Nanny

 "Toys Out of the Nursery" by Matrix Refugee

The back-story on the Nanny-Mecha who consoles David.   Rating: PG

Last Thoughts by "Chicken Person"

What passes through the Nanny-Mecha's mind when she encounters a mysterious little boy named David?  Rating: G  NEW!!!

 Lord Johnson-Johnson

 "Haushinka " by Castashadow

A lone girl tries to take on the behemoth known as the Flesh Fair   Rating: PG-13

 "Flesh Faire: A Celebration of Life"   by Riana Marie MoonDancer

What happens to a young couple accidentally snared by the Flesh Fair: it's not what you think...  Rating PG-13

My Playground Love by Danielle Swinton 

ALTERNATIVE UNIVERSE -- The Swintons are asked to adopt another child Mecha, of a completely different kind... Rating: PG   NEW!!! 

The Specialists

 Psalm of David by Ermite

A tranquil yet complex sketch of the Specialists and their devotion to a boy who was not a boy... Rating PG

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