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Martin Swinton: Sibling Rival

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 On recovering from his illness and awakening from suspended animation, Martin Swinton, Monica's "real" son had no idea who...or maybe what David was. Unwilling to share his family with the new-comer, he unwittingly set in motion what would become a strange chain of events.

Martin's POV about his life before and after he met David.  Rating: PG

"I Will Always " by Delia Soul

Deep in his coma, what does Martin feel?  Rating: PG

"First Faceby Matrix Refugee

When Martin awakens, what does he find in his room?  Rating PG

Does Anyone Care? by Silver on the Tree 

A songfic based on 'Ode To My Family' by the Cranberries: After David disappears, Martin considers his place in his family...and David's place  Rating: PG

Martin's Christmas Tale by Danielle Swinton

Alternative Universe -- An A.I. Version of Charles Dickens' "Christmas Carol", where Martin discovers a new meaning for Christmas.
Rating: PG  

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