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Gigolo Jane: "How's the Game"

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Gigolo Jane, Joe's female counterpart, appears in the film only very briefly, but a female lover-bot like her has doubtlessly had some amorous adventures of her own...

"Lullaby For Cain" by Ruby Tuesday
Working the streets of Haddonfield, Jane makes some shocking discoveries no Mecha should ever endure. Rating PG-13 (IN PROGRESS)

 "Guaranteed NOT to Happenby Matrix Refugee

Something highly un-Mechalike has happened to Janeand what does Joe know about it? Very crazy, You Have Been WARNED! Rating PG-13

A Heart Reconfigured

By "Joshua Falken"
A shy young astronaut recieves an unusual lover-Mecha named Jane for a birthday surprise Rating: PG-13 (IN PROGRESS) NEW!!

Long Cool Lover Mecha Woman by "Matrix Refugee"
Frank Sweitz, a lonely reporter, finds some unexpected company... Rating: PG-13  NEW!!