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Fictions of the Future
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"Fictions of the Future"

There are a few characters who seem to get overlooked by the fic writers, but maybe the right writer has to come along and find them and tell their stories. I've listed a few to help inspire you. (Okay, okay, this doesn't mean I'm not open to any more David, Monica, or Joe fictions, especially the last...I'm just trying to be thorough here, let everyone have their say.)


More with Dr. Hobby

The Cybertronics employees

The woman who asks the ethical question during Hobby's speech

Dr. Frazier

Henry Swinton

More with Teddy

More with Martin Swinton

The techs who fix David

The kids by the pool (maybe the adults)

Patricia, before and after her encounter with Joe

Joe's owner?

More with Jane

Mr. Williamson (bet he has some wild stories to tell ::wink, wink::)

The barflies at the Shangri-La Hotel

Samantha Bevins (Anyone else care to write more involving the goon who murders her?)

The Flesh Fair Hounds

The back-story on Lord Johnson-Johnson (eww!)

The woman at the gate who catches Teddy

The Flesh Fair tech who tries to save David, also his daughter Amanda

The back-stories on the Mechas in the Pit at the Flesh Fair (the female lover-Mecha, the chef, the comedian, the InSecurity guard, the welder, the nanny, the gardener, the maid, the one with the vidscreen face...anyone else identified them all?)

Members of the audience at the Flesh Fair

The boys in the car (!spoO Maybe not...)

The Rouge City weirdoes and freaks

The other Davids and Darlenes

The Specialists and their archaeology (also, their evolution)


Another thing I'd love to see is if someone with the right technical know-how wrote a mock-up of Allen Hobby's book "How Can a Robot Become Human?" They did this with a couple books from the "Harry Potter" universe, but with the modest but reliable fanfic following here online, this would be ideal.

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