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Dr. Hobby: "The Visionary"

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Dr. Hobby: "The Visionary"
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A genius...a troubled soul...Dr. Allen Hobby created David as both an experiment and as an attempt to replicate a loved one. But his efforts have consequences even he couldn't envision

 A Ghost from the Past by Danielle Swinton

A touuching, very human acount of the tragedy that inspired Hobby to create the first Mecha that could love... Rating: PG-13

The 'Day' Series by Henry Lake Spaulding

Once a Perfect Day

Pre-"A.I." What lead Hobby to consider constructing a child Mecha. Rating: PG-13

For Yet Another Day

Hobby embarks on the work that will change him and Mechakind forever.  Rating: PG-13

Until All the Final Days

When David is lost, Hobby realizes what really happened. Rating: PG-13


 To Face the Dreams by bigwords

When Dr. Hobby finds David under the water, how are he and Monica able to bring him back?
Rating: G  NEW!!!

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