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Mecha Elders: Aldiss, Kubrick & Spielberg
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Mecha Elders: Aldiss, Kubrick & Spielberg
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Perhaps the best source of inspiraion for a fanfic writer, besides the object of one's fannish fixation, is the source of that object itself. Some of my best ideas for new fics or ways to develop them came from the two masterminds of the "A.I." film project itself: Brian Aldiss, the British writer who penned the short story "Supertoys Last All Summer", as well as two companion stories to it, and Stanley Kubrick, the artist in film who began the process of bringing Aldiss's vision of the future to the silver screen...


Brian Aldiss's "Supertoys"

On this page, you will find a link to the text of "Supertoys Last All Summer Long", as well as archives of the two other "Supertoys" stories: "Supertoys When Winter Comes", and "Supertoys in Other Seasons".


Stanley Kubrick's Vision

On this page you will find, exclusive to the AIFFOA, the text of a Kubrick afficiando's review of the 80-page script story with Kubrick and Ian Watson wrote while preparing to create the film. I managed to salvage it from the depths of the Internet...
Also, be sure to click on the picture links at the top and bottom of the page carrying the archived text: these will take you to a couple other pages which deal with Kubrick's plans for the film.

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