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The "A.I.: Artificial Intelligence" Fanfiction Online Anthology

Merry Christmas, Mecha-huggers!



In Mrs. Henry Swinton's garden, it was not always summer. Monica had ventured out into the crowded city with David and Teddy and boutght a VRD for "Eurowinter". Now the almond trees were barren of leaves. Their branches were loaded with snow. The snow would never melt as long as the disk kept playing.

So on the fake walls and windows of the Swinton simulation house the snow would remain lodged forever on the windowsills. The icicles hanging from the gutters would never melt as long as the disk kept playing.

The frosty blue winter sky would remain forever the same, as long as the disk kept playing.

David and Teddy were playing by the frozen ornamental pond. Their game was simple. They slid from opposite sides of the pond and narrowly missed each other as they passed. This always caused them to laugh.

"I nearly hit you that time, Teddy!" David cried. ...

-- From "Supertoys When Winter Comes", by Brian Aldiss


Wishing you and yours a very happy and healthy Christmas season! (Or Kwanzaa. Or Hanukkah. Or Eid-el-Fitr. Or Winter Solstice. Or Yuletide.) Have fun with your families and playing with your new Supertoys!


Tree drawn by "Matrix Refugee", using Microsoft Paint

And here's a few Christmas-themed "A.I." fics to read while you're waiting up for Santa...

The Nutcracker Ballet retold in the "A.I." universe: On Christmas eve, Dr. Hobby's niece recieves a very surprising little Mecha from her uncle... Rating: G 

Here Comes Another One by pazu7

The holiday season is no time for a job like this... but someone has to do it.
Rating: G

Martin's Christmas Tale by Danielle Swinton

-Alternative Universe- An A.I. Version of Charles Dickens' "Christmas Carol", where Martin discovers a new meaning for Christmas.
Rating: PG

Conversations with a Mecha Named Joe -- Chapter V: White, Gold, Greenand Rouge

From Cecie Martin's journal of her early days in Rouge City: her first Christmas there. Rating: PG-13


All I want for Christmas is.... A Joe of my own! (Hey, I've been good all year, working on this website, I deserve 'um...)

The Music you hear is Victor Herbert's "March of the Toys"... Or since it's heard here as a MIDI file, it could be retitled "The March of the Supertoys"...