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"Untitled" by Mecha Heart
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by "Mecha Heart"
Archivist's Note: I found these two tiny, fragmentary chapters on the DreamWorks "A.I." Message Board some time ago. Even in their unfinished state, they deserved to be preserved

Transmission -- 001
This boy's dying word was the name of the one he loved

and fought

so hard for

so long to find that his only truth was a lie. For his reality was only a dream of mankind.

This is the mecha child I speak of. He lies on the bottom of the sea


Transmission -- 002: From Factory 27
This child in my arms is so still and limp that I'm afraid his end was a long time ago.

His time code has stopped humming.

Love has melted the circuits.

Smell that garlic.

The MechaHeart lies still.

I look deep within the beyond blue eyes staring lifeless into mine.

I drop a tear which falls into his eye.

Not a twitch.

His last expression of hopelessness frozen in time of all eternity.

He was a salvage.

He was brought here to F 27 for retro fitting and a new imprint protocol.

'How can they do this?

Change emotions like changing a circuit board?'

I think.

I look around this cold factory.

'Not this time'

I think to myself as I run out the door with the child in my arms, never looking back.

I clench him hard as I run so I dont drop and break him.

I duck into a tunnel and wait for time to pass....