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A Boy Named Scar Hens
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A Boy Named Scar Hens

By Chicken Person

Chapter One: Scar

Scar Hens looked around his room. He was lonely and bored. He missed his mother
who went with her husband Greg on a vacation. He also missed his step brother, George.
George went to summer camp. The only people that were in the house were Scar, his nanny
Clara, and a Teddy Supertoy. Scar was different from other boys. He looked real, but he
was not. He was a mecha. He was a mecha-child. He was like Clara and Teddy. Scar
had black hair and blue eyes. He was five feet tall and wore round glasses.

Scar looked at Teddy and smiled. Teddy smiled back and said "Scar, don't be sad. Your
Mom will be back soon. Then Clara came into his room. Scar didn't notice her come in.

"Scar, what is wrong?" asked Clara.

"I miss my mom." Scar said.

"Do not worry," Clara said, "Emily will be back soon."

"I miss her too," Scar said sadly, "I miss my real mom more though."

"She did not love you, Scar." Clara said.

"Monica did love me!" Scar said loudly and stood up. "She only got rid of me and Fang
and Black Dog because Henry told her to!" Scar walked outside.

"Scar wait!" Clara said. She tried to grab Scar's hand but he ran too fast. Scar sat
on the porch and looked around the outside world at his neighbors. They were real kids.
Their parents would always love them. Scar sighed and thought about what his friends
were doing. Fang was probably having fun. He was living with a crazy old couple.
Black Dog was probably having fun too. He was living with a nice family in New York. Scar
was stuck in Ohio with the Smiths. Scar saw a bee fly past him.

"It must be nice to have a huge family." He said to the bee. "I've never had a good
family, except for Monica who is my real mom." Clara and Teddy found Scar and walked over
to him. "Bee, you're lucky. You are real. You aren't artificial." Scar said. The bee then
flew back to it's hive. Clara and Teddy sat next to Scar on the porch.

"What's wrong Scar?" Teddy asked.

"I don't think I belong." Scar said. "A while ago, me and my brothers got caught in a
place called a Flesh Fair and people tried to kill us. Why would they do that?"

"Scar, some people do not like people like us." Clara said. She put her arm around
Scar's shoulders and said "Scar, you do belong. You are one of a kind, you know that."

"No I'm not." Scar said. "I saw doubles of me in Hobby's lab. Then I killed the double.
I thought I was one of a kind." Scar picked up Teddy and put him in his lap.

"Scar, none of us are one of a kind." Teddy said. "We were all built for a reason."

"I know." Scar replied sadly. "I've seen doubles of myself and my brothers." He
looked at Clara who was watching him as he spoke. "I've seen a double of you at the Flesh
Fair place. Only she had a huge hole in her head and she was missing an arm. When I
found the double of myself who was actually moving, I killed him."

"I know I'm not unique," Teddy said, "I'm a supertoy. I was built for children to
play with me and to be their companion."

Clara and Teddy both liked Scar a lot. Scar was really just a boy trying to find
his place in the world. Scar did miss George, but since George was younger than Scar
(Scar is 12 and George is 6) Scar often got into trouble if George caught him playing
with one of his toys. His step father, Greg sort of scared Scar. Scar had once seen him
bash Clara in the head with a rolling pin for cooking him the wrong type of meal. Emily
wasn't really considered a mother to Scar. She was hardly ever home and she got drunk
once and hit him in the face. Monica would never do that to Scar. Scar still wished
he could find the blue fairy, even though Arnold reprogrammed him and his brothers. The
three mecha-boys still loved their real mother, and that could never be deleted from
their CPUs.

Chapter Two: The Smiths

"Here's how my story started," Scar began, "I was born and Henry Swinton took me home. He
already had one robot boy in his house. He bought me to help Monica because she missed David, her first mecha child. Then she dumped me and my brothers in the woods just like David because Henry did not like us. Then we went to the Flesh Fair. Then we went to Rouge City. Then we saw Prof. Hobby. Then I saw the doubles. Then I was resold to this terrible family." Scar looked at Clara and hugged her.

"Scar, it is okay." Clara said. "You will get used to this family."

Then they heard a car come into the driveway. "They're here." Scar said. Clara grabbed Scar's hand
and lead him to the driveway. Teddy followed them.

"Hello, Scar." Greg said.

"Hello, Greg." Scar replied happily. "Have a nice vacation?"

"Yes." Greg said,"It was great." Then Emily got out of the car. She opened the back cardoor and
let George out.

"There's my boy." Emily said as she hugged Scar. "Scar, did you have fun?"

"Yes, Mom." Scar replied, smiling his charming smile. George looked at him and rolled his eyes.

"Mommy!" George said. "I wanna go to the Toy Store!"

"Yes, my little prince," Emily said as she picked up her real son. "We will in a minute." George
struggled out of his mother's arms and walked to the car to get his suitcase, shoving Scar out of his
way in the process.

"Scar, you can have Teddy." George said. "He's boring. Anyway, I'm getting a new Super-Toy in a few weeks." He kicked Teddy out of the way as he ran inside. Scar walked over to Teddy and picked him up.

"Are you okay, Teddy?" he asked.

"Yes, Scar," the bear replied.

"Clara," said Emily, "when we go shopping, I want you to come with us. I'm sure Scar would rather go to the theater or something while George and I go to the toy store. We'll be in the same mall."

"Yes, Madame." Clara said in her French accent. "Come along, Scar. We must get ready to leave." She walked into the house followed by Scar who was still holding Teddy. Clara liked to help out Scar more than George because George could get violent and have a tantrum. George would hit people and throw anything he could get his hands on; while Scar Hens would be polite and calm. Scar was like a 12 year old boy. The only way you could tell he was a mecha was the glossy look on his skin. Clara went into the room the Smiths let her stay in, while Scar took Teddy to his small room.

Scar looked through the few sets of clothing he had in his closet and found a shirt with a dragon on it and some jeans. After he changed, he started to draw some pictures. He drew a picture of the Flesh Fair and wrote on the top of the paper: I've been there and lived. Then he wrote some letters to Emily. One of them said:

Dear Mom,

I missed you when you and Greg and George went on vacation. Clara and Teddy are helping me write to you. I love you and I hope you never die, ever. I am your real little boy and so is George, but not Teddy. Teddy is cool.

From your son, Scar.

Then Clara came into Scar's room. "Come on, Scar," she said. "Time to leave." Scar told Teddy he'd be back soon and ran outside.

"I wanna sit in the front!" George yelled. "Not him! He's stupid!" He pointed to Scar. Scar didn't say anything and went to the back of the car with Clara. "Mommy, I want some more virtual reality video games! I want the newest one: Skull Smasher 2!" George said. George continued telling Emily what he wanted. Scar and Clara paid no attention.

Scar turned to face Clara. "Clara?" he said.

"Yes, Scar?" Clara replied.

"Do you think Monica will ever find me again?" Scar asked.

"Maybe, but I cannot tell for sure. Let's hope she does so you can be happy with her." Clara answered to the mecha-boy. Scar took his glasses off and polished them with his shirt. Then he looked out the window and saw a sign with the Cybertronics logo on it. Scar shut his eyes for a few moments, until he was sure they had passed his terrible birth-place. George saw this.

"Why do you do that?" George asked.

"What?" Scar asked.

"Shut your eyes everytime we go past that dumb robot factory!" George yelled.

"I..I.." Scar stuttered.

"He just doesn't like that place, Hon." Emily said. She didn't want George to know that his older brother was a mecha. "We're here!" She pulled the car into a huge parking lot in front of an even bigger shopping mall in Rouge City. Emily got out of the car and unlocked the trunk to get her purse. George came out and when Scar tried to open the door, he slammed it shut. Clara had gotten out of the car on the opposite side and she let Scar out. Emily gave Clara 200 Newbucks to spend, while her and George went shopping for things George wants.

Chapter Three: Twice the Scar, Twice the Trouble

Scar and Clara walked around the mall together. Since they were robots, and robots never really wanted anything, they basically just talked about things. When Scar went into a Candy Store to buy Emily some candy, a boy stopped and said to Scar "Is that a mecha-nanny with you?"

"Got a problem?" Scar asked. The boy walked away from Scar. Scar put the money he owed the cashier on the table and walked out towards a fountain.

"Why did you buy candy when you know you don't eat?" Clara asked her little friend.

"I bought it for Emily." Scar answered with his charming smile on his face. "Maybe she will love me more if I get her a present." He put the box of candy into the bookbag he had with him and looked around. Something caught his eye. There was a boy just like him (except he wasn't wearing the same clothes, and he didn't have glasses) walking across the mall. Scar just stared at the boy.

"Scar," Clara said looking at the robot boy's eyes, "What is wrong?"

"I'm the only one." Scar said softly. "And I'm special and unique."

"Scar?" Clara asked. She was beginning to worry about him. He got up and walked over towards the other Scar. Clara sensed he was about to do something bad. He was walking just like the terminator with an evil look in his eyes.

"Scar!" Clara said loudly.

"I'm special!" Scar yelled. "I'm unique! I'm Scar! I'm the only one!" Clara ran over to him and grabbed him by his arm. "I'm the only Scar!" The other Scar and his mother looked at Clara as she tried to calm the mecha-boy down.

"So, you have a Scar too?" the mother asked.

"No.." Clara said as she tried to keep Scar from attacking the other boy. "... He's the child... I look... after!" She managed to calm him down enough to where she wouldn't have to hold him down. "I'm his nanny."

"So, where is his mother or father?" asked the mother.

"She went shopping with her real son." Clara answered. Scar stared hatefully at his double. Then the mother stuck her hand out in front of Clara.

"I'm Harriet." She said.

"Don't be rude, Scar." Clara said. "Madame would not like it."

"Hello, Harriet." Scar said. Clara looked at Scar, incase he would go phsyco. Then Harriet looked at Clara's face. She noticed the glossy look to it.

"Clara," Harriet said. "How old are you?"

"I do not know." Clara said. "But I'm built to look like I am 25 years old."

"You're a mecha." Harriet said. "You're like the Scar you're with."

"Yes." Clara said. "I would not say that word 'mecha' around my friend. He is uncomfortable with it." Clara put her arm around Scar's shoulders. "Scar, do you want to give your Mom her present?"

"Yes." Scar said. Clara grabbed his hand and lead him towards the toystore.

Chapter Four: Back to the Lab Again

When Emily drove her son and her robots home, Scar gave her the candy. "Here, Mom." He said. "I bought this for you."

Emily took the box of candy out of the robot's hands and said "Thank-you, Scar. You're such a wonderful boy! You never forget that chocolate is my favorite!"

"I never forget." Scar said proudly. Then they pulled into the driveway. It was dinner time. Greg had prepared a roast chicken while his wife, son, and mechas were gone. He had also cooked broccoli, mashed potatoes, and gravy. Clara sat at the table next to Scar. Scar, Teddy, and Clara did not eat anything, but Scar had an empty plate in front of him, because he liked to imitate people eating. George looked at Scar pretend to eat and chewed up some chicken. Scar grabbed a plate of chicken. Clara grabbed his wrist and said "No, Scar. You will break."

Scar didn't care. He just started shoving chicken in his mouth. "Does he eat?" Greg asked.

"I'm not sure." Emily said worried. George continued to tease Scar. Clara and Teddy watched in curiousity.

"Scar, stop it!"

"George, put the fork down now. You are provoking him!"

"Scar David Hens! Stop it!"

"Stop! Both of you! Stop it now!" Emily stood up and put her hands on the table. "Scar! Scar Hens stop it!" Scar stopped moving and his face began to sag down on the left side.

"Is Scar okay?" asked Teddy.

"Shit!" Emily said. "Clara, go call Cybertronics. Tell them we're taking him there to get cleaned up."

"Oui, Madame." Clara said as she walked off to the phone.

When Scar woke up, he saw that he was in the Cybertronics lab. "Help me!" he yelled. "I'm scared!" Clara came into the room to see him. "Keepmesafe!" Scar mumbled as he ran over to his nanny and hugged her.

"I won't let anyone hurt you, Scar." She said. Prof. Hobby came in.

"Hello, Scar. Hello Clara." He said.

"Bonjour." Clara said.

"Don't hurt me!" Scar pleaded.

"I won't." Hobby said as he picked up the mecha boy. "I'm not mad at you for destroying your 'clone'. That was expected of you. Have you by any chance watched Terminator movies?"

Scar nodded. Clara smiled at her creator. "Thought so." Hobby said. "Scar, you are to live with a new family."

"Is it Monica's and Henry's?!" Scar asked excitedly.

"No, my dear boy." Hobby said. "I'm afraid not. It's a family out in Colombus, Ohio. They've been wanting to meet you for a while."

"Can Clara and Teddy come?" Scar asked.

"No." Hobby said. "They still belong to the Smiths. Scar's smile faded. He turned to Clara and hugged her.

"I'll miss you." Scar said.

"And I will miss you. Me and Teddy both." Clara said. "Hopefully, we will meet again in the future." Clara thought of something that would make Scar really happy. "When you are a real boy." She said. Then the Smiths and Clara and Teddy left. Scar was alone now, but Prof. Hobby taught him some new games and tried to update his memory cube and his functions.

Chapter Five: Brothers and Sisters

"Scar!" Professor Hobby yelled. He ran into a room with a boy in it. The boy had jet black hair, bright blue eyes and wore round glasses.

"What is it, Professor?" the boy asked. His name was Scar Hens.

"Scar, I want you to meet your long lost brother." Hobby said. A boy with blonde hair and bright blue eyes like Scar's walked out from behind him.

"Hello. My name is David." The boy said.

"I'm Scar. Scar Hens." Scar said as he shook David's hand.

"I've been wanting to meet you, Scar." David said.

"Boys, you both will meet your sisters in a few minutes. Get to know each other." Hobby said. He patted each robot child on the head and left the room.

"David, are you real?" asked Scar.

"No." David said sadly. "I'm not. Do you know where the Blue Fairy is?"

"I've been looking for her. My whole life." Scar said. "Let's be friends."

"Do you know who Monica is?" David asked.

"Yes. She is my Mom." Scar said.

"Mine too." David said. "I like you. I'm glad you're my brother." Scar smiled. Then two girls walked into the room.

"Hello. My name is Darlene." Said one of the girls. Darlene had blonde hair and blue eyes. She was like a female version of David.

"Hello, Darlene." Scar said. "I'm Scar and this is my brother, David." The other girl smiled.

"My name is Donna." The girl said. She had dark brown hair and brown eyes. Then Prof. Hobby came in.

"Now that you four have finally met eachother, your new family will come and get all of you." Hobby said.

"Am I going to see Mommy again?" David asked.

"Will I see my parents?" Scar asked.

"No, your new family is Victoria Dandy and her husband, Bill." Hobby said. He lead the mecha children out into the lab, where a young couple in their late twenties was waiting.

"Oh, Bill! Look how cute they are!" Victoria said. Scar and Donna weren't used to this comment. "They are the perfect children!" Victoria hugged David.

"The blonde boy's name is David. The boy with black hair's name is Scar. The girl with blonde hair's name is Darlene, and the other girl's name is Donna." Hobby said. "Kids, why don't you go play for a moment?"

"Yes, Prof. Hobby." Darlene said. "C'mon, David!" She grabbed David's arm and lead him to another room. Scar and Donna ran after them.

"Okay, Bill, Victoria, there are some things you should know about the kids." Prof. Hobby said. "David and Scar have been searching for the Blue Fairy, hoping to become real, so you should make sure they do not try to run away or anthing. Darlene is a new model, so she doesn't have anybad records or anything. Donna has a bad record. Her old family used to beat her everytime she did something. Did I mention she has a fowl mouth?"

"She cusses." Bill said. "Okay, that wasn't something I'd expected."

"Here are the papers you will need for them." Prof Hobby said as he handed Bill four folders with the Cybertronics logo on them.

"Thank you, Allen." Victoria said. "I'm sure they will have a good family with us." She and her husband walked to the other room. "Are you guys ready to go to your new home?"

"Yes." Darlene said. Scar and Donna looked at their new parents with confused expressions on their faces. Victoria took David's hand, and hugged Darlene.

"It's okay," Victoria said, "we won't hurt you." Donna and Scar cautiously walked over to Victoria and Bill. Then the Dandys took their new children home.

Chapter Six: A Caring Family

When the Dandys got to their house, they showed the mechas around. "Kids, this was our real son, Harry." Bill said as he pointed to a picture of a boy with brown hair and green eyes.

"What happened to him?" asked Darlene.

"Car crash." Victoria said. "He was driving with his friends. They were drunk and they all died when they crashed into a park."

"Victoria, I'm going to go get dinner. What do you want?" Bill asked.

"I want a cheeseburger. Do you four want anything?" Victoria asked.

"No." Scar said. "We'll break."

"Break?" Darlene wanted to know. Donna nodded.

"Yes." David said.

"Okay, then I'm gonna leave now." Bill said. He hugged Victoria and waved to the kids.

"So, what do you four wanna do?" asked Victoria.

"I don't know." Scar said.

"Do you want me to teach you guys how to swim?" Victoria asked. "We have a pool in the back."

"Okay, Victoria." David said. Him and Darlene followed Victoria up the stairs, so she could help them change into their swimming clothes. Scar and Donna stood still.

"Scar, are we safe here?" Donna asked.

The mecha-boy looked at his friend. "I guess so."

"Scar! Donna!" Victoria yelled from upstairs. "Are you two down there?"

"Coming!" Scar yelled. He grabbed Donna's hand and lead her up the stairs. On their way up, they saw David and Darlene racing to the back door.

"There you are!" Victoria said. "I found you two some clothes to wear in the pool. Do you two need any help?"

"No." Scar said he walked into a room and shut the door. Donna looked at Victoria and then walked into the bathroom. Victoria was already in her swimming suit, so she went out back to see what David and Darlene were doing. The two mecha-children were already in the pool. David was hanging upside down on the high dive.

"Look what I can do!" David said proudly.

"David, get down from there before you get hurt." Victoria said.

"Yes, Victoria!" David said. He let go of the high dive and landed in the pool.

In the house, Scar and Donna were walking down the stairs. "Watch this!" Scar said. He jumped onto the banister and started sliding down it to the first floor. Donna looked at him and asked him "Are you okay?"

"Yes." Scar replied. "I learned that from Martin. Martin's not really too bad. You can try it." The mecha-girl then slid down the banister and ran to the back door with her friend.

"Shit! That kind of hurt!" Donna said.

"You said shit." Scar said.


"My other family told me not to say that." Scar replied.

"Well, you just did." Donna said. They both laughed, then went outside. Scar climbed up the ladder to the high dive and stood at the top. He looked over the edge and jumped. Then Donna jumped not soon after him. The mecha-children and Victoria went swimming for about an hour, then they went inside and changed.

When Victoria came downstairs, she saw that the mechas had already changed into their pajamas and were watching TV. "There you are." Victoria said.

The kids looked at her. "Yes. We're here." Scar said. Victoria was holding the imprinting papers.

"Um.. One of you come here for a minute." Victoria said. She looked at the folder on top and saw that it had Donna's name on it. "Donna, come here."

Donna stood up and walked over to Victoria. "What did I do wrong?" Donna asked.

"Nothing, I'm just going to take you upstairs and say some words to you." Victoria said as she grabbed the robot girl's hand. They walked upstairs, while the other robots stayed downstairs and laughed at the movie Duplex.

Chapter Seven: Imprinting Protocols

Donna sat down in a chair, and Victoria kneeled down, so that she could see the robot's eyes better. "Donna, I'm going to say some words to you. Please pay attention, and uh look at me all the time." Victoria said.

"Yes, Victoria." Donna said. Victoria put her hand on the girl's neck.
"Can you feel my hand on your neck?" Victoria asked.


"Does it hurt?" Victoria asked.


Victoria looked at the piece of paper in her hand. "Cirrus...Socrates...Particle...Decibel...Hurricane, Dolphin, Tulip... Victoria, Donna, Victoria, Donna." She took her hand off of Donna's neck. "Did I say that right? I don't know."
"Why did you do that, Mom?" Donna asked.

"What did you call me?" Victoria asked.

"Mom." Donna said. "You are my mom." Donna hugged Victoria.

"Donna, could you go get Darlene for me?" Victoria asked.

"Okay, Mom." Donna said. She ran downstairs to Darlene. "Darlene, Mom wants to see you."

"Hold on, Donna." Darlene said. "You should watch this movie! Nancy just got electrocuted! Look!" She pointed to the TV and laughed.

"Come on!" Donna said, angrily.

"Alright." Darlene said. She walked up the steps and went into the room with Victoria. "What do you want?" Darlene asked.

"I'm gonna say some words to you. They will sound like nonsense, but listen anyway." Victoria said. She put her hand on Darlene's neck. "Do you feel my hand?"

"Yes. It doesn't hurt."

"Cirrus...Socrates...Particle...Decibel...Hurricane...Dolphin...Tulip...Victoria...Darlene...Victoria...Darlene." Darlene's smile faded into a serious look.

"I love you, Mommy." Darlene said. "I hope you never die. Never."

"Darlene, could you go get the boys?" Victoria asked.

"Yes, Mommy." Darlene said. She ran downstairs and saw Donna, Scar, and David laughing hysterically. "Scar, David, Mommy said she wants to see you guys."

"Okay, Darlene." Scar said. "C'mon, David!" The two boys ran upstairs.

Chapter Eight: Missing Monica

"Scar! Darlene said Mommy is up here! Do you think she missed us?" David said happily. The boys thought that Darlene meant that Monica was up there waiting for them. "Mommy! Where are you?"

"There you boys are!" Victoria said. She lead them into a room.

"Where's Mom?" Scar asked.

"I'm right here." Victoria said.

"You are not her." David said. "We only have one Mommy. And you aren't her."

"Boys, Yes I am." Victoria said.

"No!" Scar yelled. "Monica is our Mommy!" The mecha boys ran downstairs and out the front door. "She is not Monica!" Scar yelled as he sat next to the road with David.

"Boys!" Victoria yelled as she ran outside. "Boys! Get out of the road! It's not safe!" The boys didn't listen, they took off running into Rouge City instead.

"I miss Mommy!" David yelled. "I know she's still looking for us!"

"I miss her too, David!" Scar yelled. Then a car hit both boys making them fly backwards onto the black top.

"SHIT!" Scar yelled.

The person driving the car slammed on the brakes. "What the hell?" The person was a woman about 30 years old. She had dark brown hair and brown eyes. She got out of her car and walked over to the two mecha boys in the road. "Oh my God!" she yelled. The woman kneeled down next to the boys. "David! Scar! Is that you?"

Scar opened his eyes. "Mom!" hey yelled he hugged her. "David! It's Mommy!"

David opened his eyes and looked at Monica. "Mommy!" he yelled. "I knew you still loved us!" The two mecha-boys hugged their mother.

"You're not mad at me?" Monica asked.

"Why would we be mad at you, Mom?" Scar asked.

"You still remember me!" Monica yelled happily.

"You are our mommy." David said.

"Henry and Martin are sorry. They've been looking for you two." Monica picked up her sons and put them in her car.

"You boys can live with us again."

"You're letting us live with you, even though we're not real?" Scar asked.

"I love you Scar, I love you David. I have always loved you two." Monica said. She drove them to their old house.

Chapter Nine: Their True Family

"Henry! Martin! Guess who I just found!" Monica yelled. Martin came downstairs.

"Who?" he asked. "Who did you find, Mom?"

"See for yourself." Monica said. She stepped out of the way, letting Martin see his two long lost brothers.

"I'm sorry I was such a jerk!" Martin said.

"It's okay, Martin." David said.

"Brother's are supposed to do that." Scar said.

"Dad!" Martin yelled. "We found them!" Then Henry came downstairs.

"Scar! David!" Henry yelled. He hugged the boys.


Henry and Martin imprinted on the boys. The Swintons had found their two missing family members. Occasionally, Martin, David, and Scar would have fights over things like video games, like brothers do. As for Darlene, she was returned to Cybertronics for breaking herself (she tried to eat). Donna was left in the woods. From then on, the Swintons and Scar Hens and David lived a good family life.