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"Town of the Junk Mechas" by "Chicken Person"

The "A.I.: Artificial Intelligence" Fanfiction Online Anthology

Town of the Junk Mechas

by: Chicken Person

Chapter One: The Strange Girl


Donna walked along the side of the road, trying to find her way home. Donna was twelve years old. She weighed sixty pounds. She was 5 ft tall. She had black hair & blue eyes. Her love was real. But she was not. She was a mecha child, dumped by her mother. None of the people that drove past noticed the mecha child walking along the road. Then finally a car stopped beside her. The mecha-girl turned around, and saw a woman about in her 20's standing behind her.


"Hey, kid," said the woman, "what're you doin' out here at this time at night?"


Donna looked up at this woman. "My mommy told me to stay here," answered Donna.


The woman looked closer at the strange girl. There was something different about her; something about her eyes and face. "What's your name?"


"My name is Donna."


"Donna, how old are you?"


"I don't know. What is your name?"


"I'm Vicky," answered the woman. Vicky still stared at Donna. The glossy look to her skin and her eyes that never blinked gave away the fact about what this strange girl was: Mecha. "You're one of those mecha kids."


"What's mecha?" asked Donna.


"You don't even know what you are?" asked Vicky. "Mechas are robots."


'How could I be a robot?' Donna wondered. 'Robots don't have mothers.' Then Donna answered, "I'm not a mecha. Mechas don't have mothers."


'This thing doesn't even know that she's a damn robot?' Vicky thought. "Well, you need to go home, even if your mother told you to stay here. If the Flesh Fair finds you, you're dead." Vicky thought the mecha needed to know about it's ancestry. "I'll give you a ride to your house." Then Vicky let the mecha child into her car. Vicky wasn't taking Donna back to her home, she was taking her to the Junk Town. Junk Town was a mecha sanctuary, where the damaged mechas went if they didn't get caught in a Flesh Fair. The only reason Flesh Fairs didn't find mechas there was because Junk Town was once the city of Cincinnati, Ohio; and since the city was so big, the mecha could hide nearly anywhere, and an old Cybertronics factory was there. Vicky pulled over to the side of the road and said "Go to Town." Then Vicky drove off, not wanting anything to do with the mecha child.


Chapter Two: Gigolo Joe


Donna stood in front of the ruins of Cincinnati, now called Junk Town. The ruins looked kind of scary to the robot child, but her curiousity got the better of her. Donna walked into the Town, after passing through an old gate. What she saw made her want to go home now more than ever. Junk mechas were everywhere. There was an old soldier mecha, a 2047 female lover mecha, and some chefs; all of these mechas were in a group, like they were having a conversation. Then Donna saw a man with his dark hair gelled back who was wearing a leather jacket.


He noticed the girl and asked her, "Are you orga or mecha?"


Donna didn't seem to see the difference between the two... yet. "A lady told me that I was mecha."


"I am Gigolo Joe," said the man. "And who are you?"


"My name's Donna."


"Donna, I know of a way that will help you figure out if you're orga or mecha." Joe said. "What is the first thing you can remember?"


Donna understood the question, but she had a hard time trying to find the answer. She remembered everything from since when she met her Mommy just fine, but the first thing she ever did remember? Then she found the answer; only it was like she wasn't supposed to remember this. "A peacock," replied Donna.


"Could you explain how it looked?" asked Joe. Donna reminded him so much of an old friend; however, she was related to Joe's long lost friend.


Donna thought for a while. "The peacock had it's wings spread out," Donna immitated how it looked by spreading her arms out, "and feathers were sticking up from the bottom."


The lover-mecha had an idea of what the child mecha was talking about, his old friend told him the same thing when Joe asked him, "What all do you remember from when you were born, David?" His old friend, David was the world's first mecha child, designed to be the perfect child, just as Donna had been. David was long gone. The last Joe had seen hide or hair of David was before he, Joe, was abducted by the police; Joe was accused of murdering one of his customers, but his name was cleared. "Donna, don't be scared of this Town's inhabitants; they're like us." Then Joe turned and danced down the old street. About 20 ft away from Donna, Joe yelled to her, "Have a look around! No one will hurt you! Flesh Fairs are restricted here!" Then he danced off into an old store.


Donna continued to explore, and no one seemed to care; the 'mechas' of Junk Town were really friendly to Donna, friendlier than most people Donna had met in her life. Some of the people Donna saw had metal limbs, or a hole in their head, but seeing that they were friendly, Donna was not afraid of them like an 'orga' child would be.


Chapter Three: The Inhabitants of Junk Town


About an hour later, Donna ran into a boy about her age; he looked like he could be Donna's twin brother, but he wore round glasses. "What's your name?" Donna asked.


"My name is Jason," answered the boy. He seemed just as happy as the mechas in this town. He was dressed in a blue sweater and khaki pants, like he could've  came from a rich family.


"My name is Donna. Jason, where is your family?" Donna asked.


Jason smiled and yelled, "Claudette! Bill! David! Darlene!" Then out of an old shack came a woman with dark hair who was wearing a gray dress, a man who was wearing a hat that a chef would wear with a matching white shirt, a boy with blond hair, and a girl with blond hair. "This isn't even half of my family!" Jason said proudly.


'How could they be his family?' wondered Donna. The woman had a few cuts on her neck, barely showing robot parts, and the man with the chef hat was missing a hand.


"The tall lady is Claudette, the little boy is David, the little girl is Darlene, and the chef is Bill!" Jason said.


Claudette noticed that Donna looked rather surprised and said, "Hello Donna. You aren't from around here, no?"


"No, I don't live here," said Donna.


David smiled at her. "Don't worry, we won't hurt you," said David cheerfully, "Joe already started spreading the word that you're one of us, so you're surrounded by  family in Cincinnati. No matter where you go!"


Bill and Darlene smiled at Donna. "You can stay in our shack if you need a home," said Bill as he went back inside of the shack. Then David and Darlene ran off down the street as soon as they saw some other children, mecha children, there.


Donna was confused. She had a home, so she didn't need one. She had never seen Jason, David, or anyone else here in her life, so how could they be her family? And why did Bill wear that ridiculous hat? "You must be mistaken," said Donna. "I've never seen any of you in my life, so how can you be my family?"


"Donna, around here everyone is related," explained Claudette. "Prof. Dandy said that we were all related!" Then she ran off after Jason to go make sure he wouldn't get into trouble. Then a robot on wheels with a TV screen face went past Donna with a butler mecha behind him.


"She's that new mecha child," said the TV Face robot.


"I heard that her family dumped her," said the butler, "just like them Swintons did to David."


"If David was here, he'd be our leader," replied the TV Face. Then the 2 old robots turned a corner. And a group of child mechas came running out of an old toy store with a few supertoys. Donna recognized Jason, David, and Darlene as some of the mechas. Jason was carrying a Tiger Supertoy, and a different mecha child that looked like he could be Chinese was carrying a Teddy Supertoy.


"Hey, Ricky!" Jason yelled to a boy with brown hair who was holding a basketball. "Pass me the ball!"


The Ricky boy threw Jason the ball. "Jason, isn't that Donna?" asked Ricky.


"Donna! Want to play ball with us?" Jason yelled.


Donna noticed one of the girls who was missing an arm. "No thanks," Donna yelled back. "I'm still having a look around."


Jason looked at his group of friends and told them, "I'll go show her around. She's not from around here." Then he threw the ball to Darlene and ran over to Donna. Jason would never get tired of running, like an orga child would. He stopped right in front of Donna. "I'll show you around." He led his new friend down an alley to what appeared to be the remains of a zoo. No animals there, though. "This is where my friends and I hang out!" No one was there yet.


"Jason," said Donna, "who is Prof. Dandy?"


Jason looked surprised. "You don't know who Prof. Dandy is?!" Donna nodded. "He's the visionary around here."


"Where is he?" asked Donna.


"He lives in the Tower," answered the boy-mecha.


"Can I go there?" asked Donna.


"You can't just go into his Tower!" Jason was shocked at a mecha asking such a question. "You only go there is Prof. Dandy invites you!" Then the TV Face robot wheeled over to Jason.


"Jason, Donna, Prof. Dandy wants to see you both. Particularly you, Donna," said the robot.


"Thanks for telling us, TV Face," said Jason. TV Face left. "Donna, follow me to Dandy's lab." Then both mecha children ran off through town to the Tower.


Chapter Four: Prof. Stanley Jace Dandy


A man who liked like the Terminator was waiting at the entrance to the Tower. "Prof. S.J. Dandy asked me to escort you both to his office," said the terminator.


"What's your name?" asked Donna.


"My name is Arnold. I was designed to be like the terminators and I was created for protection of Cybertronics of Ohio by Prof. S.J. Dandy," explained Arnold. "Follow me, please." Arnold led the mecha children up a tall staircase and stopped in front of a door that said "Professor Stanley Jace Dandy's office" on it. "Through here." He opened the door and the 3 mechas went inside and sat on a couch. Then a tall man with black hair who was wearing a white lab coat came into the room.


"Thanks for bringing her here, Arnold and Jason," said the man. "I am Prof. Stanley Jace Dandy. I am the visionary of this Junk Town, Prof. Hobby's brother-in-law, and the director of Cybertronics of Ohio. You may leave, Arnold and Jason." Then the terminator and the mecha-boy saluted the visionary and left the building. Dandy sat down on the couch next to Donna.


"Hello, Donna," said the professor, "I've been waiting for you. I see you have met some of the mechas." Then a robot who was built in 2035 came out of a set of doors.


"I have repaired myself, Prof. Dandy," he said.


"You're welcome to my lab anytime, Sonny." Dandy said. Then Sonny left. "Donna, you are very important to this town; to the mecha of this town; to me. You are so much like David. Only you wouldn't believe the fact that you are mecha. You are real enough to believe something that isn't logically true or possible, the only other mecha that did that was David, my brother-in-law's child mecha. Do you have any idea of how important you are to us? We lost David, but we didn't lose you. You are such an important mecha."


Donna looked sad. "I thought I was real."


Dandy picked up the mecha-child and carried her over to his desk. "You are real. Or at least you're the realest mecha child that we have been able to keep. David was like you, but he disappeared one night. You and David will always be important to Allen and I. Your sisters and brothers will look up to you, always." Then he set Donna on his desk and walked towards the door back out to the hallway. "Donna, I'll be right back, I'll go call your mother. You'll go home in a few days, but you can stay here, with your true family, if you wish," with that said, Prof. Dandy went into the hallway. Donna looked around the room. There was a picture of Prof. Dandy, a woman about his age... and a girl with black hair and blue eyes. Donna knew that the girl in the picture was her, but she never remembered seeing Prof. Dandy until now, and she never saw the woman in her life.


Then Donna saw some more pictures; one of Dandy holding her, another of Dandy and the woman, and one of Donna in a gold frame that said "In Loving Memory of Donna." Donna wondered why Prof. Dandy had so many pictures of her; she also wondered why there was a picture of her that said "In Loving Memory" of her. Donna wasn't dead, so she couldn't be a memory, right? Then out of the set of doors that Sonny came out of, came a girl, just like Donna.


"What's your name?" asked Donna.


"My name is Donna."


Donna felt like something was wrong. "You're not!" she yelled.


"Yes I am!" said the girl. "I'm Donna!"


Donna looked at her clone with a shocked expression. "Me too."


"Hello, Donna," said the clone, "maybe we could walk around Town together." The other Donna smiled at her. "Let's be friends."


"Never." Donna said in a soft voice. "I'm the only one. I'll never be friends with you."


"I can't hear you, could you please speak louder?" asked the strange girl.


Donna grabbed a table lamp off of Prof. Dandy's desk and said, "I'll never be friends with you. It's wrong." Then she bashed her clone in the head with the table lamp, making it's face plate crack and break off. "I'M DONNA! I'M THE ONLY ONE! I'M SPECIAL! I'M UNIQUE!" Donna screamed as she bashed the clone in the head once more, making it's head fly off and right into a pile of spare robot parts laying in the corner. Donna continued screaming and swinging the lamp around, until Prof. Dandy came back into his office.


"Shit!" Dandy said to himself. He walked over to the enraged mecha and grabbed the lamp from her. "Yes, you are Donna." Donna's face was red with anger, just like an orga girl's face would be when angry. "I called your home, no one answered. I guess I'll call them back later." He hugged the mecha-girl, then he walked over to the set of doors. "Wait here," he instructed, "I'll go page Sonny. He'll take you back to the city." Dandy went through the doors. He seemed to have disappeard after he went into the room.


Chapter Five: The Truth Comes Out


This room caught Donna's attention, so she cautiously walked inside of it. What she saw shocked her; there were rows upon rows of Donnas hanging from the ceiling on the east and west sides of the room. All of the Donnas were dressed in white jump suits; like all of Cybertronics' mecha children were when they were sold. There was a huge computer monitor on one of the walls. On a shelf was some heads. On a table was some CPUs for mechas. Something at the far end of the room caught Donna's attention; a blue light with two holes near the top of it. Donna walked towards it, slowly. As she got closer, she recognized it as the back of a faceplate for a mecha, with the wires hanging loosely from the back. Donna had seen some mechas around town with holes in the back of their heads, showing some of their faceplate. She walked up to it and put her face up to it. Donna looked through its eyes and saw the first thing she ever could remember.


It was all coming back to her now; the first thing she saw in her life was the Cybertronics statue. Donna walked in front of the faceplate and saw that it belonged to an unfinished robot like her. So that's why the first thing she remembered was the Cybertronics statue. That was where the mechas were finished. Then Donna walked down a row of boxes. The boxes said "At Last A Love of Your Own" across the top; with the outline of a girl on the front of the boxes; and it across the bottom it said Donna's name. Then Donna walked through another set of doors. There was tons of unfinished child mechas; some like Jason; some like Donna; some like David; some like Darlene; and some other child mechas. Donna then walked across the room to another set of doors. They said "Mecha Department" on them. Donna walked into the "Mecha Department". There was more unfinished mechas, only they were not child mechas. There were some like Claudette and Bill and a few like Sonny, and some like Arnold. Then Donna went through another set of doors that said "Custom Jobs". There were no unfinished mechas in there, just unusual looking ones, custom child mechas, custom chefs, custom nannies, custom terminators, nearly any type of custom mecha imaginable. Then Donna ran back into the room where she was born.


She walked over to another model of her and tapped it on the shoulder. It didn't move. Then she tapped it again and saw that it didn't do anything. Donna turned around and heard a noise. She turned back around and saw that the robot she was inspecting had moved. Then Donna ran out of the lab and back into Dandy's office. Claudette was waiting there.


"I see that you have found the labs," said Claudette. "You shouldn't go in there. There's mechas loose in there that aren't safe." Donna looked back at the lab. Then she hugged Claudette.


"Keepmesafe! Keepmesafe! Keepmesafe!" Donna muttered.


"Just stay out of the lab when you're here, only go there if you break and need to get fixed," said Claudette, "I'll show you back to town." She grabbed Donna's hand and led her to the door. Then a female lover robot came out of the lab.


"Out of my way, Claudette!" she said. "There's a terminator loose in the Mecha Department!"


"Calm down, Amy," Claudette said in a calm voice, "I will go have Sonny or Arnold alert Monsier Dandy." Then she led Donna out of the building, followed by the Amy robot.


Chapter Six: Temporary Family


Donna looked up at Claudette and asked her, "Claudette, what is the first thing you ever remembered?"


Claudette knew this answer. She had already been in Dandy's lab when she was a new model; when instead of child mechas all around the main lab, there was nanny mechas. "The first thing I can remember would be the Cybertronics statue."


"What was in that room when you went in there?" asked Donna.


"Others like me," answered the old mecha, "They were exactly the same as me."


"I thought I was one of a kind," said Donna sadly.


"But you are one of a kind," said Claudette, "You are unique in every way."


Donna looked at Claudette once more and asked, "Then how come those mechas hanging from the ceiling look just like me?"


"They are also unique, in their own ways." Claudette led the mecha-child into the shack in which Claudette, Bill, Jason, David, and Darlene made their home. Jason was in there playing with a toy amphipocopter. "Donna, if you like, you can stay with us until your mother comes to get you."


So Donna spent the next few days with the mechas of Cincinnati. They were better than Donna's orga family; they never ignored her; they always listened to what she had to say; and they never cursed at her. Then, finally one day, Donna's mother came to take her home.


Chapter Seven: Stay or Go


Professor Dandy walked into the shack Donna was living in. He had Donna's mother with him. "Mommy! I missed you!" Donna said as she got up off of the old couch to go hug her mother.


"Prof. Dandy," said Donna's mother, "You we're letting her stay in an old shack in a town with about a hundred rusty mechas?!"


"Mrs. Potter!" said Dandy. "She has had no problems staying with her kind!"


"Mommy," said Donna, "Claudette, Bill, Jason, David, Darlene, Gigolo Joe, and Ricky are nice. So are my other family members. Like Arnold and Sonny."


"She came into contact with a lover mecha and a terminator?!" yelled Mrs. Potter.


"They didn't harm her," said Dandy, "If you didn't want her to come into contact with them, you shouldn't have left her in the woods. I will assure you that she actually had fun with her... family."


"They are not her family!" screamed Mrs. Potter. "Her family is with me!"


Then the mecha-girl spoke up, "They are my family, Mommy. And so are you, but my real family understands me, and they are really nice."


"Donna, you can stay or go," said Prof. Dandy.


"She will go home!" yelled Mrs. Potter.


"Let her have a choice!" yelled Dandy.


Donna thought for a moment. "I want to stay. Here. With my true family."


So from that day on, Donna stayed with the mechas of Cincinnati. Greeting new mechas and showing them around as Jason had done for her. Donna lived with the mechas of Cincinnati forever, even when Prof. Dandy passed away.


20,000 Years Later...


The Specialists flew their transport over an old frozen city. There was some signs of life down there, so they landed in the middle of what was once Cincinnati.


There was some mecha children walking around down there. Skywalker, the head Specialist got out of the transport and walked over to the mecha children.


One was a boy with blond hair and blue eyes, another was a girl with black hair and blue eyes, and a girl like the boy, and a boy like the dark haired girl, only he wore glasses. Skywalker aproached his ancestors cautiously. The boy with glasses walked up to him.


"Welcome to Mecha City," said the boy. "My name is Jason Barclay."


Skywalker saw the boy extend his hand towards him and he shook it. "My name is Skywalker. I am a supermecha. I trust that you and your brother and sisters are my ancestors. Is anyone else here?"


Donna smiled at Skywalker and said, "Yes. There's tons of us here."


Skywalker looked around and saw more mechas walking around. An old chef mecha that had icycles hanging off of his hat came over to skywalker and said, "I'm Bill. I was once a chef, but I was abandoned 20, 013 years ago. This was the place where us mechas found refuge. We need someone to help us. Our creator, Prof. Stanley Jace Dandy, passed away long ago."


Skywalker heard of this Stanley Jace Dandy professor. He also found a mecha child who looked just like the blond boy.

"Is it true that you found David Swinton?" asked Gigolo Joe, who was iced over.


Skywalker nodded. He led the hundreds of thousands of mechas to David Swinton's house.


David Swinton sat on his bed. It has been 6 years since Monica died again and he was used to being lonely. Skywalker knocked on David's door. "David, you have visitors," he said. David went outside and saw hundreds of mechas. He smiled and immediately started talking to his fellow mechas.


"All that will be left is us!"

                                    - Gigolo Joe

                                                (A.I.: Artificial Intelligence)


Epilogue: Boy was Joe right!


Author's Note: I have no clue about where the hell this fanfic came from. I guess it was inspired by the scene in "A.I." when David sees Hobby's lab. Also, I am planning to make a series of fanfics called The GhostBoy Chronicles. Two of the characters are in this story: Jason Barclay & Donna Garner. Just for the record, this story has NOTHING to do with The GhostBoy Chronicles.

            Happy Reading,

            Jess the Chicken Person